Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 6 going into 7 and more to come!

I was curious if EA was saying anything more about the hold up beside the EP overload the site lie (check Kelle and Mare) so I went and checked. This came in late by the way! Straight from my messages on EA site:

For people to lazy to read/click the screenshot:

SimGuruDrea sent you a message.

Forum Maintenance
We are continuing our forum maintenance over the next several days. They will be live later this evening for testing. Thanks for your patience and pardon the dust while we fix our forums and restore them to their happy place :)

-The Sims Team

I highlighted what bothered me the most! Serveral days! My god! Are they recreating the wheel over there? WTF! By time they finish everyone would of found something better to do or another forum. Well at least they didn't say come join us on facebook and twitter like thats going make everything ok, but geez! If you guys want me I will be here and CSTYLES SIMS3 FORUM (link under website list). I'm also thinking of joining some other sites, so you will see me around. I will also stop counting days off by the way! *sigh* Damn you EA!!!!
You know they could of released the EP before pulling this stunt! At least we would of had something shiny and new to play!

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