Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hey Potty mouths! I took the censor off!

No more bleeing out words! Kiddies beware!
Update: Ok now thats weird. I just changed it back to the original setting and it allows curse words so fuck yeah!
The warning message was ignoring so now its gone!
I'm new at this so bear with me.


  1. lol i know its fucking awesome! Woot!

  2. I have MJ as my avatar. Does that surprise you? It shouldn't. xD I will soon put a pot leaf as my avatar. Hooooooo shittt, your blog is cool as fuckk! ;D

  3. Thank you! Tell me if its perma and make ava for this site anything u like!

  4. I love your blog vidkid! This is CeleSeraphym by the way - I have a blog but I haven't posted anything on it yet! xD

  5. You are awesome, Vidkid. And EA sucks. I'm just saying.


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