My Modeling Competitions

Cycle 1


Manga-ka (Mangaka): is the Japanese word for a comic artist or cartoonist.

You are the mangaka and your sim/model is the anime character. This is a competition that challenges you to use you imagination not only with pictures, but with how you handle the assignment/chapters as well. Your character will be given all types of scenarios and based on your character's personality, you are to do pictures as to what they would do.

A lot of the assignments will be based on certain genres, typical anime situations and sometimes based off real anime/manga stories.

The anime world is a crazy place and anything can happen. Can you keep the viewers interested and have the ultimate anime character?

*Check for updates*

The male model edition

Assignment 11:

Assignment 10:

Assignment 6:

Assingment 5:

Assignement 4:

Assignment 3:

Assignment 2:

Assignment 1:

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