Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Don't you hate it...

When you have a taste for something in the fridge and you open the fridge to find it's been eaten or half eaten by someone? Say it yours and you want it, but somebody ignores that and eats it anyway. Well I said I wanted a cheese danish in the fridge. Said I wanted it and told my grandmother to save it for me. Not only does my grandmother let him eat half of it, but then she saids "Aw let him have it. It's just half." She actually was making a argument about it. FFS can I have anything?! If it was the other way around, I would of been yelled at for it. Always goes that way with him. Just pisses me off. Aggghhhhhh!!!!!

I Do couple modeling! I'm in it, so JOIN! xD



We need at least 2 more models/couples! I turned my entry in and I'm in love with it! I don't want it to go to waste. So yeah join, so we can compete and stuff. I'll <3 you forever if you do! ;)

I totally want to see this succeed, so come on guys!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Picture spam! What? Where else would I post these?!

I promise to show off some other sims. These are just my favorite sims right now and current household. I plan on uploading them and getting back to the vampire story. I haven't forgot. ^_^ Also adding a new tag. "Picture Spam"

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Remember that club I was building? A small update

I try to limit the cc I used for it as I know a lot people don't want go hunting for mountings of cc when it comes to lots. Well I don't. xD I did add some the paintings I made and a skull to give a more gothic feel. Suppose to be a gothic-like theme. Anyway, this also help test my game. So far no crashing since cleaning it and getting it checked out. Yay! *knocks on wood* I'm extremely slow when it comes to building, so it might be awhile till I finish. Almost done.

Yay my PC didn't explode! Back up and running!

Yesterday I told you I had a bit of a mishap with my pc last night. I was suppose to be blowing the dust out of the inside right? Well I went to blow out the fan in the back and the straw blew inside of it. Not the fan that's open, but a box like part where a fan is. No screws to open it (accept in the back) and the opening were to small to go get it. So I was freaking out as you can imagine. I tired getting it with paper clip, tape, and unscrewing the back part to get it. Nothing worked. The computer itself still worked, but it wasn't suppose be in there. Had to rush to Best Buy today and get it out.

Well I got to the same guy who fixed my old computer and set up the new computer (this one). This is third time seeing him. Such a nice guy. He told me the box thing where the straw had went couldn't be opened without screwing up the power source and once you messed that part up, you may need to order another one from the company itself. I had unscrewed that part actually, but he was able to put it back like it was without messing up anything. Man, I'm happy I stopped unscrewing things when I did! So he got some tools out and got the straw out for me and said I was good to go. Such a freaking relief! He told me if had kept the straw in there, it could of stopped the fan and caused it to overheat. Then it might of caught fire. o_0

So happy it's fixed! Yesterday, was a hot nightmare! Rolling all over the floor, trying get the stupid straw out. I took it to the right place! *phew*

P.S. Was no charge!!!! :D

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Still having technical difficulties

Well tomorrow I will be taking my pc to best buy. Had a bit of mishap today with it. Don't ask. Today has been one of those days where I want pull my hair out! Hopefully tomorrow I can get everything in order and be able to play sims in peace. If not tomorrow, then Monday. So if I'm not around tomorrow, Best Buy has my computer still. Hopefully it's a one day thing like last time. Nothing extremely serious, but you know how those places go. *sigh*

P.S. I will be lurking on my phone, so send me a email or simply stop by my chat box. Can chat on my blog chat box with my phone if you didn't know. Also can read pms. I will be lurking the forums as well, so I won't be entirely gone. Lets hope it's a same day thing.

Friday, May 27, 2011

EA getting a wake up call?


I know I'm late, but this is like big news! Finally! Maybe EA will finally take this serious and actually do something! You can't ignore this one EA! Sweep all you want, but your dirt is finally catching up to you. Do the right thing and do something for once!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

*News Flash!!!* Another troll gets caught in the act! Identity revealed!

Well usually I would just ban them and go on about my day. This little twerp comment isn't really worth my time, but I do check ip numbers when someone is intentionally being rude or nasty. The thing is, I got a funny feeling that this ip location would match with someone I had replied to just recently here. Never did I expect it would be someone who comment here recently with apologies and sob stories.

Left over comp pics? Game pics? Picture Spam!

My computer is being sucky today. I ran out of the stuff you blow the dust out of the inside while cleaning out earlier. Was hoping it would be enough, but it crashed when I was doing my photoshoot just now. Luckily I have a really good backup picture for the new comp I'm in, which I got when it froze last night. I may have to wait till the weekend to get some more of that stuff. No sims today. :/

Well I got pics!

This a comp picture I took awhile back when I working with Dark on the STRUT comp. Suppose to be the girl from Shiki and Natsuno in the back. Working with Dark was awesome. I learned some cool clothing tricks from her. xD I end up not using this though because the character was suppose to a hero and we dropped out due to not feeling the runway assignments anyway. I hate doing runway pics! I do love this picture! <3

This is a picture I didn't use for Dark's vampire comp. Actually for the last assginment I had do. It didn't fit the assignment so I didn't use it.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Your comp addict has done it again!

When I say I'm taking a break, do not believe me! I will no longer say I'm taking a break, because I'm forever going back on my word. I'm still not hosting any comps for min, but I did join another competition.


Remember them?

I joined a couple competition with them. I've been meaning to join a competition with a not so tradional couple and work with male models again. I think this will be something easy and fun to do as mangaka comes to a close. My bio for them turned out pretty well. The ideas came flowing for that and the first assignment doesn't have me blanking. Actually excited! Wish me good luck. I will need it. See how long this last.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Erm...that looks comfortable

As you can see I'm having some graphic/technical issues. The chapter to the vamp story is done. Just getting quality pictures is the problem. May have to rewrite it or do less pictures this time. I did find that pose/glitch slightly amusing. :P

Update: I might have fixed my technical problems. Not sure, but it looks a lot better and runs smoother. I think I even made it clearer, but that could be me needing to go to bed. lol Night.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Moving on...Pets anyone?

Well today is much better! :D After talking to wonderful online buddies and taking their advice, I'm feeling more relaxed and in a better mood today. Plus I'm bored. >_< I'm still worried about something, but I can't keep moping about something I'm not even sure about. :/

So pets was confirmed today! My reaction is: Yes finally!!!!!! *dances* I was on my cell phone earlier and came upon the pet thread made by DeadlySimP. So from the interview we will be getting horses, dogs, and cats. Not sure about deers, but someone mentioned it.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Still feeling crappy...

I think I upset friends of mine. My thinking could be due to me slightly being very sensitive lately and feeling overly stressed, but I think I have. Not even sure if anyone is really mad at me, but I was moping pretty much all of yesterday and today. Some may think I'm silly to be upset if they really knew, but I can't help myself. My whole week and weekend has been full of fail. Sleep has been s***t for me, getting headaches, and just down lately. Why I disappeared yesterday. Very hard to keep the mood light and creative when your feeling like crap, so if I disappear again you know why. :/ I'm sorry.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Vampire the Masquerade Assignment 5 +Scores -Eliminated-

45/50 Creativity

45/50 Story
47/50 Relates to Assignment
45/50 Overall Picture
Total: 182
Comments: I like this, it's a really well put together piece! I especially love the dead guy in the background, nice touch! Your sims are in great focus, but they look a little stiff. The background is a little bit too dark too, but it doesn't take away too much from the picture. I like the idea, and the story was short and snappy! The set is good too, really fitting for the vampires to be in!
Really great picture!

I honestly think they were too easy on me, but I'm glad they were kind about it. I was definitely upset with it. I didn't like my picture really. I was beyond dissapointed with myself turning this in. I had no concept or idea in making this. No ideas at all! Like I said on the thread, I'm kinda relieved. I almost dropped out, but I didn't want to quit. I rather get eliminated, then not try. Fun while it lasted. Well I won't be entering anymore for awhile. I need a break and I'm dead serious this time. I can now consentrate on the one comp I host, my story, my game, and blogging more. I'm a little sad, but I knew it was coming. I thought entering this comp would help with my comp block at the time and it just slowly got worse, so it was time.

I must sound like I'm cranky all the time

I deleted the last post, as I'm tired of those type of post. Was mostly about me being disappointed with my comp picture and that I'm exhausted. I need a break from competitions and such. It did let me post with quick reply. Kept getting error which was also pissing me off. Wish I could take a break from certain family members also, but that won't happen. Was just another I'm in a bad mood type of post.

I'm really not a cranky type of person. I promise to post something more light hearted next. >_<

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Blast from the past! Remember these?!

I was cleaning out the basement and found a boat load of stuff! I had the biggest nerd moment though when I found my pokemon card collection! Excuse the crappy camera phone quality.

Monday, May 16, 2011

*sigh* Not in the best mood tonight

I'm in a very foul mood tonight. Tired, annoyed, and just not in a good mood. Maybe it's a good thing the forums is down. Going to get some rest. Sorry I haven't been posting much. Just drained and it's not good for me to blog when I'm in these type of moods. I have blogged while being cranky and it doesn't end well. Yeah going call it a night.

I might be here tomorrow. Sometimes I like avoid the sims community as it get a bit crazy, so if I'm not here it's because having a bit of break. Cat, AE, Bluebell, and Paco know where they can find me. I'm a email and pm away. ;)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Can't get into the EA forums!

The forums are down the day after I'm unbanned. Not that I'm itching post on that crappy site, but I do have competition there to tend to! Slightly ironic since all 3 days I was banned, it was working for me. Now I can't even see it.

P.S. I changed this post title, because my title and AE's title look too similar. lol My fault.

Next chapter will posted this week

With blogger doing maintenance, I could not sign in or look at my strory draft. So....I will try post doing this week as I've already delayed it last weekend.

On a side note, EA unbanned me this afternoon. I will not be giving them any reason to ban me again. I will be going back into lurk mode and staying in the modeling section where I've been safe from EA's BS.

Night all

Friday, May 13, 2011

Vampire Fangs- New paintings at Customs!

I saw the black & white one on google last night while trying get a idea for my comp picture. Thought it would make a awesome painting and made another one to go with it. Tell me what you think.  ^_^

Correction, I thought blogger ate my last post!

Blogger fooled me and put my last post up. If you saw the post before this, it was very similar accept I was talking about blogger deleting my scott prilgrim post. I hope everyone elses posts return.
Tricky blogger you!
scott pilgrim Pictures, Images and Photos

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I know I'm late, but Scott pilgrim vs The World was awesome!

I had a total nerd moment while watching that last night. Squeeee! I love every moment of it. Video games, comics, sillyness and a pinch of anime thrown into one movie! Epic! <3
I want her makeup for sims! Hmmm...think I could do it? I'm not very good with makeup. >_<  Will definitely make some sims inspired by the characters. ^_^

Live chat with EA! Still banned...

The senior authories? What does that mean? Hmmm... Makes you wonder huh?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

EA you are a peice of work! Temp banned for a BUMP!

I guess all the trolls can have a party now for a min. Been suspended for bumping a thread about the harassment crap. I don't even know what to say. I'm getting harassed along with many others, but I get banned for bumping. I guess it was the post below (the contact list) as well. Remember what happen last time I did that. Was banned for nothing then. Well here I go again. I used the little time I had to post in my comp threads and let them know. I have no regrets! EA sucks!

P.S. I may email them just to be a annoying and a thorn in their side.

Time to post this again! Let them know how much EA cares!

I'm posting this again as EA is ignoring their customers and letting them be harassed. Allowing porn to be posted on people's pages and allowing blackmail to go on. Then when your trying to inform them via the forums, they move your thread to technical dicussion to be deleted. Please email these sites and let them know what EA is doing or in this case, not doing!


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Thank you Mares yet again!!!


Wow!!! Wow! Zach did all that calling me a b*** and telling me I'm nothing to the community. Just wow! I won't be stooping to the level of calling you anything now. Your not worth it really. Your sad and pathetic. So freaking childish.

Sorry to the other Vid for the mix up.

Thank you Mares!

I'm really at a loss for words right now. I knew Zach was a troll, but I never called him on it or anything. I was minding my bussiness last night and keeping positive till this. Just shows how people will do anything to pick and cause trouble with people for their own sick amusement.

The ips:

P.S. I'm laughing my arse off right now. Haha he got caught!

Experimenting with editing

I've been trying to get my pictures to look more crisp and sharper. May use the new skills for my next picture. :P

Everytime a troll fails, an angel gets their wings

After some sleep and clear thinking, I'm laughing my ass off about last night bumnuggetry under comments here.
Next time you wanted frame me or discredit my name by putting Vid under anon comment in a blog I never seen, don't make me sound like a 13 year old. 1one!!11!!! Who the eff saids that anyway? So lame.

*womp womp womp*

P.S. Don't link me to post that are old as dirt with obviously fake comments either. It's just so much fail it's funny.

Update: Now that I've read this other blog's comments, I think the troll from last night simply got the wrong vid. Well, it's not me. They refer to themselves as a guy in one comment.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

EA you got to be kidding me! *updated*

This is an angry rant full of curse words! You have been warned!!!!

I need modeling comp anonymous...

I'm freaking drain of ideas for modeling pictures and do you know I'm sitting here wishing I could find a couples modeling competition to enter?! WTF! I really am a addict. Danmit, I better not see one. Gawd, you know I'm a sucker for love and stuff. Must resist!!!!

Edit: So yeah anybody got a link to one? *looks around* I'll just lurk. *laughs nervously*

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Blog link cleaning

If you notice certain links disappeared from the side, it's only because I'm just tidying up. 8 blogs that were link here were showing up as deleted for awhile now and I figure it wasn't any point in keeping them linked here. I find it kinda sad to delete them, but keeping the link won't bring the blog back. Blogs that haven't been updated in awhile will stay up at less I know for sure, they're gone. I may delete some over time, but I like to keep them up in case someone comes back or for cc purposes. Anyway, just wanted you know in case you notice. Thanks Catz for informing me. ;) Been meaning to clean up a bit. xD

In-Game picture spam! Mikey + Nicki *Updated with 2 extra pics*

Well I've been slowly getting back into actually playing sims. All the competitions and things going on took me away from actually playing the game itself. Then I decided do something out of the norm. I made two emo/scene type of sims, which is pretty normal for me if you didn't know. I'm not scene or anything like that, but I'm obssesed with the fashion.
Anyway, I made two guys as you can see and they are sooo cute together! I usually make females for all my male sims (and vice versa), but I decided to make them a couple. Pretty out of the norm for me. I think the last gay couple I ever made was when I first got sims 3 and just had the base game. Click read more for more pics. Nothing too lovely dovey, but just cuteness and some funny pictures. <3

Note: I use to do this in Sims 2 to change it up a bit, so it's not new to me. Just been awhile. :P

Vampire the Masquerade Assignment 4 +Scores

42/50 Creativity
48/50 Story
38/50 Relates to Assignment
46/50 Overall Picture
Total: 174/200
Comments: This is a really striking picture, but I can’t help but feel that you didn’t quite meet the assignment. Sorry ^_^;. And that’s where you lost some points. Your story is amazing as always, and really gives Veronica even more depth. I like the setting you used, and I thought the extras in the very back of the picture were a really nice touch. Unfortunately the picture alone doesn’t really relate to the assignment, while Veronica’s expression and pose is brilliant, the startled woman and Nicolas just seem so very awkward in comparison. While it would be a great deal trickier to set up, it might have been more striking had Veronica been pictured biting poor Nicolas, with the startled woman looking on. This was a really great picture, it just didn’t seem to meet the assignment as well as it could have. ^_^

I got last place with this, so I'm going to have to admit I'm not in the greatest mood to discuss it. First time, I will admit I'm upset about scores. This picture took hours to create with the pose box, technical difficulties with my model, and building. So yeah I'm a bit upset. Also discouraged as it's getting down to only a few and the people left are tough competitors. Getting last with this picture was a huge blow to my confidence. I may be eliminated soon. *sigh* I'm happy it was non-elimination, but I'm running out of ideas now.

P.S. I hope this doesn't come off rude. You know I love Dark and that comp. Getting last when you put all your effort into just sucks majorly though. :/

Monday, May 2, 2011


I'm still here!!!! I decided to take most of the weekend off from the old pc to relax. Then earlier today I decided to watch anime on youtube in HD and eat mini reese cups. It's kinda of a adult anime with the smex, so I won't say the name here. Let's just say it was squeeee worthy! ^_^ It seems quiet today and I can't get on the forums now due to crappy error page. Meh, I may play around in my game and see what mayhem I can create. Anyway hello my peeps! <3
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