Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Erm...that looks comfortable

As you can see I'm having some graphic/technical issues. The chapter to the vamp story is done. Just getting quality pictures is the problem. May have to rewrite it or do less pictures this time. I did find that pose/glitch slightly amusing. :P

Update: I might have fixed my technical problems. Not sure, but it looks a lot better and runs smoother. I think I even made it clearer, but that could be me needing to go to bed. lol Night.


  1. That *does* look unconfortable. For him, and her.  O_O lol

  2. Aha I was like WTH when I saw that. That was suppose to be cuddling. xD

    I think 2 of my mods were conflicting with each other. My game has been giving me gems like the above, but it was getting a bit annoying and weird. Hopefully I fixed it by deleting the mods.

  3. First time commenting.. 0_0

    I just want to say something. Vid, I read your cbox post, and I assume you were referring me as the one who is a troll. No, I'm not trying to blame anyone else for my getting into trouble like you were talking about. I'm was just blaming the situations where I made them. And I have apologized for those posts. And I will apologize again. This has gone far enough. I'm really not a troll, and if I've came off that way, I really *am* sorry. But someone cannot call me a troll
    just from a few posts in the past that showed up on The Mare's Nest. I hope people who read this accept my apology. And no, this isn't to get "attention", like people say I do. It is simply an apology. Just that.

    However, if you weren't talking about me in your cbox, please disregard this
    message. ;)

    I love that glitch picture, by the way. That's hilarious. :P

  4. 0_o Well welcome. Yes, I was referring to you. I really don't need Mare or Sims News to know of your rude behavior. I've seen it first hand many times. I was simply saying you not winning anybody over with constantly complaining about those blogs and defending yourself constantly in such a manner. If you're not who they're making you out to be, then simply prove it with your actions. Stop giving them things to talk about.

    edit: And your nice to me and all, but you do have your moments.


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