Monday, May 23, 2011

Moving on...Pets anyone?

Well today is much better! :D After talking to wonderful online buddies and taking their advice, I'm feeling more relaxed and in a better mood today. Plus I'm bored. >_< I'm still worried about something, but I can't keep moping about something I'm not even sure about. :/

So pets was confirmed today! My reaction is: Yes finally!!!!!! *dances* I was on my cell phone earlier and came upon the pet thread made by DeadlySimP. So from the interview we will be getting horses, dogs, and cats. Not sure about deers, but someone mentioned it.

I'm very excited as I've been dying to make my dog Roxie on the sims. I also got the idea to make Lestat's dog for my interview with a vampire house to spice stuff up there. Yes, he had a dog in one of the books. I read it somewhere looking for fanfic. I have yet to read all the books. Maybe this summer.

Anyway, I also found out they will be adding option to control them! This just makes it even better in my opinion. Imagine the interactions, the new game play and possibilities! A fresh and new idea mix with something pretty much everyone wanted sounds good to me. To my dismay quite a few people were pretty upset for adding this. Some prefer they were uncontrollable and were complaining about how awful a idea this was. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but really? After all the "we want pets" threads and complaining about wanting it, people are going complain about it now?

-Can't be trained now you say? Toddlers can be controlled and still be taught. Why can't pets be trained? Hopefully they will have ages like puppies/kitties/etc., young adults, and elders that will go with what you can train them to do. Doesn't matter really, but ages would be kinda nice.

-Will force to control them? Don't click on them. Simple as that. So yes they may tear up your furniture if you don't step in, but wouldn't they do the same thing without the control option you hate so much. Personally I think it's more fun to watch my sims sometimes, then control. Will be applying that same attitude to my pets. Just ignore them. They have free will I'm sure. If that's too hard, a mod will be made for that I'm sure.

-What's fun about controlling your pet? Like I said new interactions! New game play! Not only can you probably interact with other pets, but the sims themselves. Also new traits! Your sims will be getting new traits too I'm sure. "Likes dog?" Likes cats?" "Hates pets?" Think of how funny that a dog can bite someone who can't stand pets? Imagine if you could chase sims around town. Imagine having ghost pets?

My whole point the game isn't even out and people are complaining. We don't even have a full list yet. Yes EA sucks, we all know this. I can't stand them either, but I complain when it's appropiate. Right now it's too early to complain. I'm not sure if I want Generations, but I'm definitely sure about this ep. That's just my opinion so far. Let's wait and see. ^_^

Also hello Sims News. Saw that. Plesantly surprised. *waves* Good job so far and good luck!


  1. I hope the creature for this e.p. is a werewolf, lol :D 

  2. Me too! That would be too awesome! :D

  3. I agree with you about people complaining. It hasn't even been officially announced yet, and we still don't know that much about yet, and yet people are still complaining. It would make more sense to wait until it's been officially announced and a lot of info is released before you they complaining. As for being able to control your pets, I don't mind it. I'm sure you could do some interesting things with that feature. Lol But if I wanted to treat them like normal pets, I'd just not select them like you said you'd do. Also, it's nice to hear that you're feeling better. :-) I also took your suggestion and joined Disqus. Thanks.

  4. Well, on a normal basis where I'm happy with EA and willing to buy their products, I would say "Yay! About time!"

    But on this occasion all I can question is how screwed up the game will be. I've just lost the excitement for any new EPs or SPs. Maybe someday it'll come back, but I am severely unhappy with them right now.


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