Sunday, May 29, 2011

Yay my PC didn't explode! Back up and running!

Yesterday I told you I had a bit of a mishap with my pc last night. I was suppose to be blowing the dust out of the inside right? Well I went to blow out the fan in the back and the straw blew inside of it. Not the fan that's open, but a box like part where a fan is. No screws to open it (accept in the back) and the opening were to small to go get it. So I was freaking out as you can imagine. I tired getting it with paper clip, tape, and unscrewing the back part to get it. Nothing worked. The computer itself still worked, but it wasn't suppose be in there. Had to rush to Best Buy today and get it out.

Well I got to the same guy who fixed my old computer and set up the new computer (this one). This is third time seeing him. Such a nice guy. He told me the box thing where the straw had went couldn't be opened without screwing up the power source and once you messed that part up, you may need to order another one from the company itself. I had unscrewed that part actually, but he was able to put it back like it was without messing up anything. Man, I'm happy I stopped unscrewing things when I did! So he got some tools out and got the straw out for me and said I was good to go. Such a freaking relief! He told me if had kept the straw in there, it could of stopped the fan and caused it to overheat. Then it might of caught fire. o_0

So happy it's fixed! Yesterday, was a hot nightmare! Rolling all over the floor, trying get the stupid straw out. I took it to the right place! *phew*

P.S. Was no charge!!!! :D


  1. lol Thats sounds like something I would do. xD

  2. Haha! Once my mom broke her computer and we called Best Buy, a local computer geek and finally my uncle who fixes computers as a hobby. It turned out that all she needed to do was remove the battery and put it back in :/

  3. Wow! That's amazing! I'm glad it got worked out!

  4. I always figure out new ways of breaking things.  Never thought I would do that. >_<


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