Thursday, May 26, 2011

Left over comp pics? Game pics? Picture Spam!

My computer is being sucky today. I ran out of the stuff you blow the dust out of the inside while cleaning out earlier. Was hoping it would be enough, but it crashed when I was doing my photoshoot just now. Luckily I have a really good backup picture for the new comp I'm in, which I got when it froze last night. I may have to wait till the weekend to get some more of that stuff. No sims today. :/

Well I got pics!

This a comp picture I took awhile back when I working with Dark on the STRUT comp. Suppose to be the girl from Shiki and Natsuno in the back. Working with Dark was awesome. I learned some cool clothing tricks from her. xD I end up not using this though because the character was suppose to a hero and we dropped out due to not feeling the runway assignments anyway. I hate doing runway pics! I do love this picture! <3

This is a picture I didn't use for Dark's vampire comp. Actually for the last assginment I had do. It didn't fit the assignment so I didn't use it.

In-game pic of Nick making a smexy face.
Creppy guy peeping in on my photoshoot yesterday.
Like go away dude. :P Been awhile since I had a peeping tom. Forgot townies could do that.
More pictures to come once I get my computer in order. Hopefully it works it self till I can properly clean it.


  1. This shit sucks. Blehh.

  2. Aw a little hater limped over to my blog. Ip ban? Yep think so. Bye little hater!


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