Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Blog link cleaning

If you notice certain links disappeared from the side, it's only because I'm just tidying up. 8 blogs that were link here were showing up as deleted for awhile now and I figure it wasn't any point in keeping them linked here. I find it kinda sad to delete them, but keeping the link won't bring the blog back. Blogs that haven't been updated in awhile will stay up at less I know for sure, they're gone. I may delete some over time, but I like to keep them up in case someone comes back or for cc purposes. Anyway, just wanted you know in case you notice. Thanks Catz for informing me. ;) Been meaning to clean up a bit. xD


  1. It just seemed so sad and desolate when I was nosing around those blog Links.

  2. They are so many links on my list, they kinda piled up. I hate seeing good blog fade away. :(


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