Wednesday, October 30, 2013

PHOßIA: Assignment 4 Pic+ Scores *SEMI-FINAL*

Once this over, I'm taking a break. I joined this comp when I only a few hours of work, but it's starting to be a bit overwhelming with all the extra hours. *sigh* I'm so close to the gold, so I can't quit now!
1st- Vid
Part 1: Picked Hoplophobia and my era was the roaring 20's
In another life Ethan was a hit man in the roaring 20s. They called him the fixer, but he had long retired for mysterious reasons. So when they called him back to take out one last hit, he refused. Then things got nasty. They kidnapped his girlfriend and threatened her life, but he was afraid. No these thugs didn't faze him much. He was use to this type, but it was the very thing that he had come to be known for. The gun that sat before him. He could barely look at it now. Just the sight of it had him frozen in fear. His pretty girlfriend's life was definitely in danger.
Part 2: Picked Johnny Depp for my celeb and his fear of clowns 
Numeric scores are being withheld for the finale

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Life so far as an employed person...

I really wish I had some sim related to post, but I'm not going have anything till tomorrow or sometime this week probably. Well you see I'm going play the actual game tonight, so maybe some pics. The only problem is my graphics card wanted me to update it's drivers or something and that again changed the game's screen size. Everything look all stretched out now. I kind of hate looking at it. I'm going google and fiddle with it, but I may have to just put up with it.

Besides that work is alright. Every so often I'll have a panic attack and then everything seems to go back to normal once I see I have nothing to really worry about. Some of my co-workers do tend gossip about people (mostly the females) and that sometimes gets me thinking about what they think of me. Then that just leads me to panicking and not wanting to be around them. It just bring up old memories and fears in me for some reason. They probably do talk about me, but I really need to stop worrying about that kind of stuff. I did have this one girl that ignores me and then gave me some funny looks when I was speaking with someone, but I really could care less! If she wants to play high school, she can go right ahead! lol

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Of course I didn't miss WALKING DEAD SEASON 4!!!!!

It's back! It's back! It's bacccckkkkk!!!!! :D
*Warning: Spoilers ahead!*

Monday, October 14, 2013

PHOßIA: Assignment 3 Pic+ Scores

Note: The order of the assignments here was listed wrong. This is actually the 3rd assignment. The first picture I did for this was actually a mock assignment and not A1. Oops. It's all fixed and in order now.  >_<

1st- Vid

I was never afraid of water before. While I was opposed to taking baths some days water was never a problem. When I got a offer to go on vacation with a few friend, I jumped at the chance. So I ended up in another horrible forest again, but the cabin and crystal clear water was too tempting to give up. Plus it was free.

After a few days of hiding in the cabin, I looked at the forest dead on and jumped right into the small dingy we set up on the lake. As they paddled along, I felt myself relax for once and fell asleep. I figured why not get a few nods in while my buddy tries his best to get laid. As I slept I heard nothing and it was turning out to be one of the best naps I've had in awhile. Then I opened my eyes and saw the horror. Blood everywhere and friends afloat. I stood up trying to make sense of the matter. "Was I dreaming?" One would hope so. As the boat suddenly started sinking, I saw the hand of a living corpse reach out to me. "This has to be a dream right?" One would pray it was. I'll never look at water the same again.   

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

PHOßIA: Assignment 2 Pic+ Scores

Sorry guys. I've been a bit too busy to post anything new. The job has picked up quite a bit with the holidays upon us. I also had go out today to buy something for my Dad's b-day. Anyway, I have manage to stick it out in this competition. Don't know how long I can do it though.


Congratulations an extra 2 points will be added to your score!

I got 2nd for the main part this round.

Friday, October 4, 2013

My first game in Midnight Hollow. Just a few pics...

She watches you when you're sleep. o_o
My new family. Tim Burton would be proud. Either that or he will find me to quite demented. I'm ok with either of those thoughts. ;)

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