Wednesday, October 30, 2013

PHOßIA: Assignment 4 Pic+ Scores *SEMI-FINAL*

Once this over, I'm taking a break. I joined this comp when I only a few hours of work, but it's starting to be a bit overwhelming with all the extra hours. *sigh* I'm so close to the gold, so I can't quit now!
1st- Vid
Part 1: Picked Hoplophobia and my era was the roaring 20's
In another life Ethan was a hit man in the roaring 20s. They called him the fixer, but he had long retired for mysterious reasons. So when they called him back to take out one last hit, he refused. Then things got nasty. They kidnapped his girlfriend and threatened her life, but he was afraid. No these thugs didn't faze him much. He was use to this type, but it was the very thing that he had come to be known for. The gun that sat before him. He could barely look at it now. Just the sight of it had him frozen in fear. His pretty girlfriend's life was definitely in danger.
Part 2: Picked Johnny Depp for my celeb and his fear of clowns 
Numeric scores are being withheld for the finale

Lets just say I was over the moon when you handed in your first image as I knew if your second one was of the same standard you'd have a great chance of making it through to the final! Lets talk about the assignments individually first, your first assignment was incredible, the quality was stunning, the extras worked amazingly and were styled in an obvious 20's fashion! You followed requirements perfectly, I honestly have no criticism for this image! Onto assignment two, again Ethan looked great and I could tell straight away he was Johnny Depp! The clown was so creepy ( I'm scared of clowns too *_* ) and I loved that you set it in an environment with children! The only criticism here is that a few of the children's poses were a bit glitchy and off but there's nothing you could of really done unless you know how to edit away this! Stunning images , looking forward to seeing your finale images... Or images!

Great ideas with both parts! Love the roaring 20's setting. Ethan definitely looks fearful. My only issue is narrowing down the fear-without the description I would think he was upset because people are pointing and staring at him. Part 2-Awesome job on Johnny Depp and his fear of clowns. He does look fearful. Only wish the clown was more in his line of vision instead of behind him. Awesome job!

I'm really surprised I got 1st again. I didn't know how it would go, but coming in 1st still surprised me. I rushed to do both pictures and had some issues with my game settings. As you can see my pictures were smaller than usual. Then coming up with 2 ideas in such a short time made this extremely hard and I feared I wouldn't make it again.

I did have an idea for part 1 when I went into my game. I just had to dress them all appropriately and build a setting, which took up most the time. CAS for one has become super slow for me. Coloring every piece of clothes on everyone took forever! Once I got the main part of it out the way, I finished it quickly. I love the 20's era, so I didn't have much problem getting inspired.

Now Part 2 became a pain in the ass and was not what I envisioned at all. I guess my original idea was kind of rush and mucky to begin with, but I wanted something a bit different. I think I bit off more than I could chew so to speak. Too much in limited time, but the judges thought I did a good job and that's all that matters I guess. Well it's not horrible, but I could of done a better job. Better lighting, some editing on the poses, and a slightly tweaked setting. I did manage to make my model into Johnny Depp look-a-like, but that was the easy part. ;) 

The Finale assignment is both easy and hard. Easy, because it's just a head and body shot. Hard, because it's zombies and while I love that stuff, I've done this type of picture so many times, I've run out of ideas. I'm going have to mess around and test out some stuff. I also may need to do it today. Ugh. >_>

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