Wednesday, October 9, 2013

PHOßIA: Assignment 2 Pic+ Scores

Sorry guys. I've been a bit too busy to post anything new. The job has picked up quite a bit with the holidays upon us. I also had go out today to buy something for my Dad's b-day. Anyway, I have manage to stick it out in this competition. Don't know how long I can do it though.


Congratulations an extra 2 points will be added to your score!

I got 2nd for the main part this round.

Phobia: Forest Settings
I was use to taking shortcuts in life. I also had become accustomed to borrowing things without asking. Sure it was a friend's car, but I don't think they expected me to take it on a joy ride. So I guess I deserved the mess I got myself into. That one shortcut lead me straight into the forest and right into a pile of mud. I push the throttle as hard as I could, but the jeep was stuck deep. I didn't know rather to cry or run. The rustling of the trees and just the darkness around me seemed never ending. It all gave me the creeps. Then it started to rain! Of course! I got soaked to the bone! The only luck I did have was finding a flashlight and it only proved to be a little comfort. I don't know. I just kept feeling like something was watching me. I officially hate the forest... 

Creativity - 8/10
Model's Styling 9/10
Pose- 5/5
Link to the assignment - 5/5
Emotion - 9/10
Quality - 5/5
+2 for challenge image
Total- 43/45
Yet again you've blown me away, your photos are simple yet stunning! I can definitely see fear in your model's face and the wrecked car looks amazing! The only criticism I have is that I would have wanted more foliage , nature and trees in the images, the bushes look good but a few trees here and there would have truly capture the feeling of a forest.

Well the main picture didn't turn out exactly like I wanted. That seems like a current theme lately. No matter I made it work and I really can't see how I could improve it. Hmmm...anywhooo I did ok. It was suppose to be more of a campsite setting, but I ran into some issues pulling it off. I think if I would of had more time (and maybe rest), I would of set up a tent and found a campfire décor. I settled with a lost in the woods story and played off of a accessory I did mange to find. The flashlight! Now the flashlight doesn't work of course, but I also ran into a problem of it looking see through. I'm guessing I was missing an ep or sp to make it show up right, but I used it anyway and edited it afterwards as you can see. I also edited the mud around the wheels, the mud on Fresh Prince's custom Jeep and the creepy creature in the back, which was all a pain in the ass. I also proudly used CAST for his outfit. Getting back to using that more. *sticks tongue out at TS4*

As for the challenge picture, I actually ended up liking it more than my main picture. It just seems to pop more. I really surprised myself with that one. I usually suck with fantasy pictures. Plus this was last min. I did want it more to be more gothic, but it's still dark in a pretty sort of way. I also can't believe I mange to make him look masculine despite the fairy requirement. I used mostly makeup for his look. The cc avatar stripes, a cc facepaint, eyeshadow. It gave him a lot detail. I also went for little clothes as you can see. If I had the time and patience, I would of made him totally nude. lol I'm glad I didn't though, because the undies he's wearing worked out pretty well. I also really love the hair! I knew I would eventually use it for something. It really made everything pop. Heck even the color of the ground makes him stand out. He looked awesome as a fairy! The pose also worked out pretty well. I wanted to show him to be above the pond, but the camera and pose was being stupid. I just ended up zooming in and got the perfect shot.

I've already done the next assignment. I had to do the fear of water. It was extremely last minute, but I made it. We'll see how long before I have drop due to lack of time. -_-

P.S. It also raining in my main picture, which I was hoping would show up more. Meh.

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