Thursday, October 24, 2013

Life so far as an employed person...

I really wish I had some sim related to post, but I'm not going have anything till tomorrow or sometime this week probably. Well you see I'm going play the actual game tonight, so maybe some pics. The only problem is my graphics card wanted me to update it's drivers or something and that again changed the game's screen size. Everything look all stretched out now. I kind of hate looking at it. I'm going google and fiddle with it, but I may have to just put up with it.

Besides that work is alright. Every so often I'll have a panic attack and then everything seems to go back to normal once I see I have nothing to really worry about. Some of my co-workers do tend gossip about people (mostly the females) and that sometimes gets me thinking about what they think of me. Then that just leads me to panicking and not wanting to be around them. It just bring up old memories and fears in me for some reason. They probably do talk about me, but I really need to stop worrying about that kind of stuff. I did have this one girl that ignores me and then gave me some funny looks when I was speaking with someone, but I really could care less! If she wants to play high school, she can go right ahead! lol

I've met some nice people though and I'm not hiding from people as much. I'm still in the toy aisle, but I also get to help with the truck in the back and the clothes. Opening the boxes, taking the plastic off and hanging them on racks. First time I did it, I got really bad paper cuts under my nails from the boxes. That sucked! Then I got the hang of it! I do tend to get cuts every so often, but nothing as painful as the paper cuts so far. The guys I did meet back there were super nice though.

They also hired more people for the holiday season and it's funny, because they tend to look at me for all the answers. I'm better than I was, but I still have to ask questions myself. lol  Now here's my latest problem. They did have a guy helping me in my aisle, but he's going be helping out with the truck more soon...hopefully. I say "hopefully", because he's really annoying. He talks way too much! I'm not a talkative person to begin with, but I definitely don't want to be ask a hundred million questions about my life. I can't even rest and slack off with his constant talking! Then he will even follow me around sometimes! He also likes to flirt with me and just the sight of him is a complete turn-off. Yuck! *gags* It sounds mean, but he does absolutely nothing for me. I don't even want to entertain the thought. He even tried to slide a dirty joke in the other day and completely ignored it. Then he tried to grab my hand on the slide tip and I politely snatched it away. My hand felt dirty the whole ride home after that. He also will repeatedly ask me if "he's getting on my nerves?" If you have to ask that, you probably are you know! Ugh why can the cute guys flirt with me?! The other annoying guy was tame compared to him and he was actually funny.

The huge problem though is my manager doesn't want us talking so much and will move me around the store. I thought she was going yell at me again when she saw me missing from the shoe aisle the other day. She assumed I was back in the toy aisle with him and I was simply trying to price a pair of shoes for someone. If she still thinks I want to talk to him, I'll make sure she knows I have no interest in chatting with him. I don't think he's going be around long if he stays as a sales floor person, but maybe he'll make it as a truck person. Still I have a feeling I'm going have to make it clear to him I'm not interested and never will be!

Other than that, I learned how to answer the phone correctly and got one crazy call from a guy that sound like he was high off of something. That was funny! I also got my discount card, which mean I made it pass the 90 day mark! Woooo!

I'll be really glad when the holidays are over though, because they are really trying to work me to death. This is my last off day till Monday. *sigh* I'm going try getting online earlier before work, because it's getting harder and harder to say hello here. D:

P.S. I also finally used the pricing thingy I didn't understand and got yelled at for! HA!

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