Monday, December 31, 2012

My blog stats as we near the end of 2012

Most popular post with 643 hits:
Beating out my all time popular post on Firestar getting banned. Finally something beats it and it's something involving my creations. :D

Then the Seasons trailer came in 2nd with 616 hits:

As for the source of my traffic:
You can blame the Mare's Nest with a wopping total of 14468 hits. Thanks guy. ^_^
Google came in 2nd.

Weird search terms as of now:
"jon bernthal ears"
"homemade ugly christmas sweater"
"Sexy hot 18"
"Medieval porn"
All I have to say is lol....

And that's about it. Thank you so much for contributing to this blog and reading it. Onward and upward 2013!!!!

P.S. The next post will be at 12 eastern time like always. :)

From 2012 to 2013: Thoughts....

Soooo 2012 is finally over soon. I have a few hours left. I'm really glad it's almost over. I'm looking forward to new year and fresh start.

Stuff that I fulfill in 2012:
You can check pretty much everything off here.
  • I found a focus and went back to school, so you can't say I didn't do anything or tried.
  • I'm back or pretty close to my original weight. Not only do the new jeans I brought for school sag, but my tight jeans old jeans have space in them too. Haha! My only regret, is pigging out during holidays. Oh well. xD
  • I got Seasons to play on this computer. It's miracle!
  • And to add one, I have so much more confidence in myself! :)
Stuff I want for 2013:
  • I wanted see Roxie get back to her spunky self. Running around, playing with toys, etc.
  • I want a job for real this time! I don't care if it's in fast food or cleaning up, I want make honest living.
  • I want to fall hopelessly in-love.... with the right guy <3
  • I want to get my health in order
  • I want a new computer if I keep buying Sims games. >_<
  • I want to better myself. Stop letting my emotions get the best of me
  • I want be here in the Sims community and see where the series goes. You can't make me leave! I refuse! ;)
  • I don't want to get banned anymore. lol
My New Year's revolution is to get a job and figure out what I really want to do in life though! Maybe meet some new people too. Experience life a bit.

My father is also talking about moving again and he seems serious this time. Eh, I don't know. We'll see. I got all year! :D

Sunday, December 30, 2012

ζ~Elven Spirit~ζ QUEST-1~ Pic + Scores *Updated*

Tied for 1st, but it was a lot ties and lots of confusion over scores. Some drama too, but the comp is still going and we got Quest 2. Thank goodness.

Update: I got knocked out of 1st place with new judges added. :/
For the story click here.
Not sure if scores will be changed or another judge will be add their scores in, but this is what I have...

Friday, December 28, 2012

Simmy projects I'm working on...

1. I'm trying to finish this bar here. Well I'm done, but I'm horrible at naming stuff and I really don't want to name it just anything.. :/

2. Working on Little Miss Twisted Cycle 2. Planning assignments for guys is slightly harder than for the females and I'm bit rusty.

3. I want make to Asian inspired resurant with the grill I was gifted a few months ago. :)

4. Play all the Seasons. I have yet to play in Summer. Slightly ironic.

And yeah I'm still going lurk the forums while doing all this, but I must admit my reaction to the forum of late has been this....

and maybe a bit of this, especially today.

As for anything else, Roxie is much better. Still gotta restricted in small confined space, but no more stupid cone head.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

*sigh* People disappoint me...

This was going be a post full of drama and ranting, but I think I did enough today. I just got a bit angry and wanted to defend someone. I hope that person is ok.  I don't wanted make things worse, so I'm done with that whole situation. :(

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Coming soon to a modeling forum near you....

*cough cough*
Simple, but effected. ^_^
Now to play around in CAS and make a model for it. Would like to get the vamp comp I'm in out the way before putting sign ups up, but it's coming. This is just saying it's pretty much happening. :D

P.S. I had it on a clear background, but I had to change it for the blog's black background. It will look loads better on the forums.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays!

Well technically it's Xmas here now. After 12. >_<
Haha, thought it was appropriate to use a loldog this year. ;) Merry Christmas all and Happy Holidays! I hope you have a wonderful and amazing day. Also I don't have a lot points left, but I doing my best to spread the love with virtual items. I hope I don't miss anyone. Some of you guys need wishlist too. lol So have a fun safe day with family and friends. Oh here's a virtual hug: 

 Thanks for reading. :)

Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Touch of Spring (Part 1?) Slightly Pic Spammy

Spring is finally here. I finally got to play a little without interruption or incidents. Still got some cleaning out to do in the old mod folder, but everything seems normal now.
After seeing this pic, I kind of lightened up on the guy liner. xD

† Vampire Immortality † CONTRACT- 10 Pic, Story, & Scores!

1st- vid & henry - 1106/ TIE 

Sleeping Like The Dead 
I needed a break from it all. The dreams, the ghost, the thirst had become all tiresome. Even my maker’s company had become strained and unnecessary. One could say we didn’t see eye to eye anymore. So with the years and centuries going by like days, I took off on my own to travel. I wanted to find a cure or some sort of comfort from the endless cycle my life had become. I left without saying a word, leaving Victor alone to the world he welcomed me into so many years.

So how did I end up in coffin 6 feet under? Well through my travels I learned that the coffin is more important than expected. Ironically, I shudder at the thought of sleeping in one every night. I never thought in million years, I would be using it to escape into almost endless slumber. To end the sickening thirst, I decided to take this risk. You see I learned that the most focus and oldest of vampires have the ability to hibernate under ground without the need of blood. That such vampires could sleep for centuries and never be bother again.

All I needed was to be buried in my homeland and a decent coffin. So I took a coffin from a corpse and was unknowingly buried by dimwitted grave digger. At first I panicked doubting my abilities, but my eyes closed to my relief. So for once I was truly resting in peace hoping to never awake me again. No thirst, no pain, no consciousness, but then I open my eyes to the ghost of my sister looking down at me. I saw the night sky and heard a priest scream the Lord's name in vain. For his sakes, he better be praying I can sleep again... 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

ζ~Elven Spirit~ζ QUEST-1 Pic + Story

Onward and upward since this blog is an escape from RL sometimes and it does say sim lair. My first pic and story for Ninja's Elven's comp. I finally manage to finish. Between Roxie, other RL stuff, bad cc, cleaning out my cc folder and other stressing things, I thought I would have to drop. Well I not only finished, but I surprised myself. It's what I envisioned completely and I love it!!! It's better than I thought it would be! I can't believe I made this picture. This is actually last min, so I'm so thrilled with quality of this. I just hope the story makes sense since I'm not very knowledgeable on the elves. I still think I'm up against a lot talent and it may not be a top contender, but I'm happy with it. :)
Click read more for the story, which I slap together last min as well. lol I like it though and it's not real long, so read! xD

On a serious note involving recent events...

Just wanted to say, it really hurts my heart to watch the news on the shooting in Connecticut. I didn't want to touch on serious topic like this here at first, but one post won't hurt and I should of said this before. It's a really awful topic that I've been trying to avoid for some days now in general though and it being children makes it worse. Well I've heard the names of the victims and saw some of them today. That was hard and very upsetting. Those poor babies. Those poor parents. Oh my God, I can't even imagine! Praying for the parents and families. Praying for anyone who suffered a loss this year or anyone has went through a tragedy like this. Hoping 2013 is a better and safer year.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Been busy with Roxie's Rehab...

Well this was going be a post with me whining about my own problems, but I'll take the complaining out and add more of a laugh. I can't bear to post complaints or anything depressing today after watching the local news.

Sooooo Roxie is home! Just been so busy and overwhelmed with the instructions and piles of meds they sent home with her. They literally gave us a book on how to rehab her week by week. She even has to wear e-collar/cone thing around her neck, so she doesn't bite or lick at the staples she has in her leg now. Didn't think it would be that bad and I never thought I would have a dog with collar thing on. I use to laugh at dogs with those collars. Karma bit in me butt with this I guess. lol Poor Roxie. She hates wearing it too, but she seems to really need it now. She was trying get at her leg a lot today. She may have to wear it to bed tonight, which won't make me happy. She already woke me up 9 (more like 8) in the morning with it in my face. She also likes to trick me into taking it off by going over to water bowl. >_> On the plus side, I do find her bumping into things amusing.

Monday, December 10, 2012

I dropped Roxie off for her surgery....

Well that sucked. Like it really sucked. I thought I would take it better than I did, but leaving her was awful. Ugh. I know I'm getting her back, but it was depressing. I literally just dropped her off a few hours ago.

So basically, they gave me the leash and harness. They had their own leash. Then we watched the vet assistant take her towards the back and she turned around to look at us. Then she turned the corner and was gone. Went out the door trying to hold back tears. I felt stupid getting teary eye over it since we're getting her back, but I really hated leaving her!

We don't get her back till Wednesday, so we have tonight and a full day of no Roxie around. My sleeping buddy won't greet me in the morning and no jingle from her collar. :(

So yeah her surgery tomorrow. I'm hoping everything goes ok. Keep her in your thoughts for me. Was hard typing this. I would be a complete mess if she was really gone, so thank goodness it's just surgery. Geesh, they are really like kids aren't they? When did I get this attached?! -_-

I'm going distract myself for these few days, because it's already really quiet. Never thought I would miss barking. *sigh*

P.S. To end this on a lighter note, no I did not see the surgeon vet guy. So no I did not get to "perv over him" or hold back laughter at the thought of Mare's post. So if I do see him on Wednesday and start laughing, I blame you Mares! [borrows smiley] 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

*gasp* Ace Attorney 5?!!!!!!

And it might actually come over here and be localized/ translated to English! I don't want to get too happy, but I'm freaking out a bit. Oh f*** I'm excited! I can't help it. Since Capcom epic f*** up with Ace Attorney Investigation 2 (with Edgeworth) not being localized after they had announced it, this is a dream come true. Please for the love all things be true! Please don't f*** this up! *sobs* Someone hold me! I've been waiting for this for years!!! Please be true! Please let this happen!

With the billions of fighting and shooting games that came out just this year alone, I need this game!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Joined an elf comp and found a pose site... (I know such a catchy title)

First off, I found a new pose listing site.

I'm probably late as usual, but I stumbled upon it and found a lot poses. Please be careful looking at some of the poses there though. They have some really adult/graphic poses there, which blinded me when I clicked the home page. The creator has updated since then so I guess they moved them down to the next page. Still really graphic! The page I'm linking to just has descriptions though, so you're safe clicking that. :)

Next I joined another comp:
This makes 2 that I'm in. Yes only 2! :P An elf comp hosted by Ninja. She made me join! lol It's a lot talent in this one. LE and Simians for example. I'm a little intimidated. I don't know much about elves. We'll see how long I last in this one.

To end this, I'm kind of playing with the idea of starting another comp of my own. I meant to do Little Boy Twisted (male version of my last comp), but life got in the way. Then I have another idea for Supernatural type of comp dealing with one type of creature. I'm debating about starting any, because my family is probably going keep me busy doing the holidays. Hmmm... I'll think about it.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Walking Dead: Mid Season Finale Thoughts!

Amazing!!!! Non-stop action and epicness!
Haha, yes I'm back with a review since it's the mid-season finale. It was no way possible I would review every ep. Didn't think it was going on break so soon though. :/

Do not pass this point- Major spoilers!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

The last of winter: Igloos and Aliens

Meh I meant to post these earlier, but it got kind of busy. Well I'm kind of creeped out by my game at the moment and fed up with my comp pic, so time to post pics. Just a min ago I was too scared to zoom in on some sims I whipped up for my pic. The one holding the toddler seemed odd. I may have some bad cc, but I really hope I'm just sleepy and seeing things. Well so far things seem ok in my Hidden Springs game. Fewer pics this time due to blogger storage space being filled b/w. So...

Oooo pretty. ^_^
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