Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sims 3 Seasons Trailer, Pics and Alien sightings!!!

The Trailer:
Let me first describe my feelings in a few words. *clears throat* Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! OMG!!!! I can't breathe it's so epic!!! My brain can't handle it! OMG OMG!!!! *dies* Ok, I'm done.

More pics and I'm dissecting the video! I saw aliens!!!! Click read more!

Looks like Seasons is here. I can't believe Supernatural and Season will be coming out this year. Is it the Apocalypse?! Did I die and go to sim heaven? *sobs* So yeah what I saw in the video....
Snowmen, igloos, snowball fights, snowboarding, slippery ice, and a possible new death for the guy laying in the snow. Froze to death or maybe he died from the common cold? Interesting.
Pie eating contest, Kissing booth, face painting, fireworks, Easter egg hunt, ring toss and food stands. Yes I saw all this with my ninja eyes. Let's continue.
Rain...well duh. Umbrellas, soccer, swimming in the ocean, and your sim can get sunburned! Yay! lol Also a possible new death! Struck by lighting? Eeek! Sounds fun. 0_o
Next "trick or treating", pumpkin carving, costumes, playing in fall leaving, bobbing for apples, smashing/kicking pumpkins, and maybe a haunted house.

Now for the creature! Aliens!!!! :)
I also found it interesting she was coughing. Got a cold missy? ;)

Anyway did you see the aliens throughout the trailer? I'm sure someone has, but I'm 99% sure those are aliens and that outfit is a space suit! Awesome!!!! I was hoping for mermaids, but I'll take aliens! Can we get males pregnant like in Sims 2? I wonder. Hehe. That was always interesting. Then it looks like we won't be getting a new world with this one. Fair enough. I'm ok with that if so.

Anyway, back to freaking out!
Can you tell I'm excited!!!!! *dies again*
If I missed anything, which I'm sure I did since the video didn't show everything, check out the official page and the official forum section. Good day simmers!!! :)


  1. *grabs smustle partner and gets down with her bad self* :D

  2. Now if only they brought the smustle back. xD

  3. Ai! Eu preciso necessito desse jogo!


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