Friday, August 10, 2012

I deleted a boat load of stuff from my cc folder

I deleted 71 things!!! All clothing and accessories!  Then I deleted about 5 or 6 things from my launcher. I have one more thing left to delete and I'm done for the night. I took a quick look in CAS and the sims I've made seem to be intact for the most part. Will check again, but if I do put anything back it won't be anything near the number I deleted! WTF was I doing with all that stuff? No wonder CAS was so sluggish. >_>

Also I will be taking my computer in to get more RAM installed on it this weekend. I don't trust myself doing it, so I'll let the pros handle it. xD

And yep I'm getting prepared for Supernatural and Seasons. Plus I've been meaning to do these things for awhile now anyway.

Goodnight all. :)


  1. I wish i was able play sims 3.. but my New computer cant handle it it the built in video card. I can play sims 2 though so better then nothing.

    1. Aw that sucks, but Sims 2 is still good tho. A classic. :)


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