Saturday, August 4, 2012

Supernatural vs. Seasons: Thoughts? (New Poll added)

My choice purchase wise is both of course, but I'm more excited about Seasons than Supernatural now. Shocking since I'm a total geek for supernatural stuff and Seasons wasn't my first choice in dream eps. I haven't even thought much about Supernatural since hearing about Seasons. Then the Supernatural chat sucked compare to the Seasons one. I'm just more pumped about Seasons. I seriously can't stop talking about it. My family probably wants me to shut up, but I MUST HAVE IT!  Just reading manga today, made me think how cool would rain look in the game. All the best anime have rain scenes. xD Then they added romance like slow dancing, love letters, and online dating. OMG I want it so freaking bad! I've been dying for more romance! Then they added other epicness like snowboarding, swimming in the ocean, and skating. Am I freaking dreaming? I shall be over here dying till November. Now I do want Supernatural for Werewolves and Zombies, but I really can't get over Seasons right now. It just seems like it's packed with so much stuff compare to Supernatural! Now maybe my passion for SN will be rekindled when Walking Dead comes back in October, but ahhhh Seasons. Beyond giddy and I don't do giddy! EA bring it out now!

P.S. Just had a thought. Is it me or does Seasons have an Harvest Moon feel with all this talk of festivals and special days? :P


  1. Yeah, I'm torn because I know that Supernatural will make me want to kill all of my Sims or turn them into something weird. I'd like for them to enjoy different weather and all of the new activities before I kill them all mercilessly.

  2. lol Same here. Hmmm...I might try to mix the two tho. Snow and zombies sound fun. xD

  3. I'm getting both. I'm not usually into supernatural stuff, but I have to have zombie mail men.
    and Seasons, well because of everything!

  4. I'm cautiously optimistic that these will both be as good as they look. I'll get them both but not until they are reduced in price (definitely no pre-orders from me).

    Trying not to think that so far the expansions haven't been anything like the trailers ... and that we all know what happened when they gave us memories again!

  5. @Blueeyed32 lol Same here. Definitely getting both. SN might hold me over for Seasons and I know once I start playing it, I'll be excited about all the new creatures again. :)

    @misstickle Yeah it does seem too good to be true. I have a weird feeling they are going leave something really big out, so they can keep us hooked.

  6. Ha, my first thought as soon as I saw those umbrellas spring up was 'YES! Now my sims can walk to school under umbrellas like they do in Persona :D'

    Sometimes I am very easily pleased.

    1. Hey Dark! So I'm not the only who instantly thought of anime. LOL It's little things like that get me excited for eps sometimes. :)


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