Saturday, August 25, 2012

Just one more step!

I'm free!!!! I've had a hellish week full of tears, anger, stress, but I did it!!! Well I have one more thing to do and I'm like in. What am I talking about? I really hope I'm not jumping the gun, but I've signed up for community college!!! Dead serious this time. I kept saying I was going do it, but then I would chicken out. Then when I originally planned to do it, my grandfather got sick and it just too messy of a time to run off to college then. *sigh* Well it's never to late to better yourself and continue your education. Would of like to have done it sooner, but I'm hoping the maturity I've gain will help and I'll become even more mature through this. I'm scared as heck though.

Anyway, I have like placement test I must complete before starting classes. This is basically a test to see where I'm at in all my basic subjects. Then depending on this, they could put me in the right classes. I guess I can't fail this. I guess. I'll just die if I do and if I miss it, I will definitely have a panic attack as I can't miss it.

As for the stress and BS I went through, I had to do a 3 part orientation that require me to do a quiz at the end and then I had to sign up for the placement test. Well after I completed these things, I had to print out all of this and give it back to the office. Sounds easy right? Well it wasn't because my f'ing printer decided to say F u and quit. Then I ran to get my backup printer, which I was planning to switch to anyways and I open it up to see ink everywhere inside!!!! The freaking ink cartilages had burst inside! WTF?! Never heard of such a thing happening, but I tend to invent unplanned disasters as I go. Anyway, I freaked out and began to wonder if this was really meant. 

Well I went to library the next day hoping I could finish it and print everything out there. That did not go well at all as I had a idiot beside me gambling and yelling at his computer. Yes in the f'ing library! I couldn't concentrate at all and I had to wait for like 20 mins just to find another available seat so I could get something done. Then when I finally got to sit down and get to work, I had a stupid timer telling me I had to get off in a certain amount mins every 10 seconds. It drove me nuts! Long story short, I got 1 part done and had to get out as it was closing time. I wanted to scream!!!! 

Fast forward till today and I had decided I was going buy me a damn printer! I refuse to go to the library again! Brought me a beautiful HP printer with a touch screen for decent price with some of my school/emergency cash. Now I'm sitting here with huge smile on my face, because I'm f'ing done!!!! I finish in record timing and turned it in. Amazing what peace and quiet in a home setting will do for you. Now I'm free!!!!! I have nothing to do! I may study here and there to refresh my memory, but I'm like chilling! Hell yeah!

So my week might of sucked for the most part, but it ended quite nicely today. Wish me luck on my test. I really hope I don't F it up! I hope this works out for me. 


  1. Best of luck on the test!

    *crosses toes*

    It might seem quite relaxing after all that palaver with the printers!

    1. Thank you. I'm freaking out a bit, but I'm glad the printer bussiness is over. That was fustrating. >_< Just going have to do my best on this test.


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