Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Thanks to Lucky Palms, I finished my Odd Couples entry! :)

The world is so pretty, it inspired all 3 of my pictures for the semi finale of the Odd Couples! I can't believed I finished 3 pictures in one night. 0_o

 Vegas Honeymoon-

With our pushy friends out of the picture, me and Arnie were finally able to get some time together as newlyweds. Things did start off kind of boring when Arnie went golfting...*yawn*, but things liven up when I chose the next place!

 Haha, I really don't get why Arnie was so afraid. The rock wall was awesome! It's too bad he fainted before getting his turn.
But after the rock wall and Arnie sudden nap, we decided to go down to the beach near by. We took a nice little swim and order some drinks. Now this is a honeymoon!
And the moon was the only edit I did.

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