Friday, December 31, 2010

Only got a few hours before 2011 here!

So far just chilling! I will try behave myself tonight. but since I'm 21 I can drink now at New Years. Bwahahahaha!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

WTF is wrong with you people?

*This is a rant that will contain the routine curse words and I'm liable call you kiddies despite your age, so beware!*

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

*falls out* Ok, I'm done for today!

I just did a quick scoring of Vanity and my Simiverse entry, which was not easy at all in one day! Now all that leaves me is to work on Battle of the Bands, which should be starting very soon. So happy I'm free of comp stuff...for a min anyway. :P

If I can think of something to post before I head back into playing Harvest moon and then bed, I will.

OT: I won the desert cooking contest on Harvest Moon earlier. My first time on that one and with only a few ingredients! :D All I got was some damn  tea though. I'm poor as hell on there! I need money! Oh sorry. xD

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My favorite comp pics so far...

 In order of how much I <3 them!
^Poem here

^Poem here
I probably have more good ones, but these are the ones I remember the most. :D

Monday, December 27, 2010

A CC note to those who visit my customs blog...

These painting have been uploaded again as Z-share deletes content if they don't get downloads after awhile. Thank you Zeri for informing me!

Zshare really sucks for that!
I will be remodeling my custom blog also soon. That is all!

The Sim Lair Awards- My review/most epic moments of the year 2010

A year of bumnuggets, trolls, failures, and lol moments amoung us crazy simmers!!!!

Toll of the Year:
Honorable mention: Erick, for causing chaos on almost every blog and being a complete ass and phoney.

Fail/Facepalm of the year:
The Sim site is down, but wait Spore? Are they really that cluless? Yep.
Honorable mention: Getting hacked twice in one year!

Quote of the year: xXAngelicEvilXx (AEBoE/Grumpy Toast) : 'You're one box of fries short of a f**king Happy Meal.'
Honorable mention: Zeri and Micky.
Zeri on the wanton trait: "It turn your sim into a garden tool!" Micky's summary on every deleted thread on the forum: "I believe the new topic of this thread is: Quick post whatever the hell you want, before EA deletes it!'

Most shocking ban and moment of the year:

The gifting scandal resulting in super perma bans (even banned from the store)! So scandalous I prefer to keep quiet on it!

Fail Troll of the year: Nashvillekitten. For getting perma banned 3 times and coming back to fail at trolling still!

LOL Moment of the year:

 Chocolateaddic's sexy party of poles and men! Oh my! For getting away with this all too funny thread on the EA forum for a whole day and some!

Finally I did it! Hope you enjoy and tell me if you have award idea! ;)

A new pic of my spolied fuzz ball of a dog...

I don't think I posted this one yet. Very hard taking her picture you know...
Hehe, she reminds me of the dog in the Grinch. I so badly wanted to stick reindeer antlers on her!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Special Sunday News Flash! Just started a second comp!

Plan on making this not as long as Vanity and more layback. While I wait for Vanity to finish up their 2nd assignment, I thought why not start this. ;) Oh if your in Vanity, don't worry about them conflicting. I'll make sure they won't.

P.S. I might ramble on about Xmas tomorrow. :P
Note: This is the 2nd one I've been talking about doing all this time.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Holidays everyone!

I was suppose to post this yesterday, but winter gave me my least favorite present: A damn cold. I'm feeling better, so no worries! Tomorrow I will be taking off till after Xmas.

Oh and please check out the new issue of Flux Magazine tomorrow here. If you have been curious as to what I've been going on about that made extremely happy, check it out tomorrow. ;) Now I muat go fall out from yummy cold medicine. Eeek!

Have a good one everybody and don't drink too much cider!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Almost Christmas....

As Christmas inches closer I'm going be spending less time on here. I will be around for Vanity and TS3 CC, but I will be back and forth really. Well more with time the family, then here really. Today, I was busy and a bit drained. Thought it was best to just chill and watch tv. I need a break besides the weekend sometimes. I'm not superwoman. xD

P.S.  Christmas, both me and Em won't be updating TS3 CC for that day, so I warn you now. We don't do holidays! lol

A Mare Nested Christmas Part 4- The end

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

With snort and a groan, the mares shut the window on both

Those bumnuggets as ranted along

Then decided to go up to bed.

But with a ding and a dong, the door bell rung again

Who else could it be on such night.

It was LE and Vid with presents and friends

as the Mare squealed with delight.

Merry Christmas to all and all a good night as Mares chuckled and blogged all night!
And Happy Holidays to all! Hope your enjoyed it! :)

Monday, December 20, 2010

And the winner of Modified Beauties is....

Ahhhh!!! *jumps up and runs laps around the room*
The winning pictures...

Blogger Spam block is a pain!

I just looked in my comments spam folder and found like 3 comments that were consider Spam. They were not Spam and it sucks I didn't see them. Now I feel bad. I rarely delete comments, so if you don't see your comment  after it's posted please inform me about it. Sorry for inconvienece. Blame blogger!

*sigh* I think I will bow out of this one...

I'm depressed now, because I didn't mean hurt anyone feelings and should just kept my mouth shut. I stand by my post, but I being that I don't know Seren side of the story (besides her blog). I should of just remain quiet. I really like Seren and I like Sun, but I'm good friends with Em. I'm sad and dissapointed that they are this mad with Em and feel sorry everyone involved. I'm very confused as to what to do and all want is the fighting to stop. Too many feeling have been hurt though and it makes me sad. :(

Is it possible I can join you PK in Switzerland? *hides*

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Here's a lesson on friendship folks....

This not really a rant, a flame post, or whatever you will come in your mind to call it. This is slight lecture to all with a few curse words thrown in as sometimes it's needed.

A Mare Nested Christmas Part 2

-Part 2-
Then one of the Mare heard something afoot

so they went to have a look around

Who could it be? But Jarsie trapped in their chimney.
They set it a fire and the old bat went flying right out of town.
Back to their pc's where they blogged, who else could ruin this night.

*For joke purposes only. If I have to cut comments off, I will.*

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Is it the weekend already?

I seriously forgot it was Friday! This weekend I will be around as I have post the 2nd part of Mare Nested Christmas! I've been wanting to do something funny Xmas. Blame Em! ;)

Anyway, as you know the weekends are my break here. Doing the weekend I always take time to work on my next comp picture and my comp's next assignment. I have also gotten into playing the latest Harvest Moon on Nintendo DS and I'm hooked! I just brought my first cow on there and named it eggnog. I couldn't help it. xD If you don't know the game, you own a farm, get married, etc.

Soooo....that's about it. Will be around my chat box and the forums some. Might add some more music. Oh...and this weekend I'm on decorating duty, so take note!

While we are on the subject, Christmas is coming and you know very well I'm not coming onto this blog that day at less I'm bored! Now if my father who been eyeing a Xbox360 for some time now, happens to pop up with one don't count on seeing me! I will be playing be Marvels vs Capcom or Fable. I'm not pushing him to get it, so I'm not completely sure. We'll see.

Now nighty night!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Going try hanging out in general a little more....

I just read Mare, I see the general forum has become a bit trollish these days. I've seen bit of the "action" going on there, but I've been busy with other things. By time I make it on the thread, it's already on page 30 something and out of control for no reason.

Anyway, general is where the ban hammer hits me and the modeling section is a safe zone for me. I know Catz, Em, and everyone in Vanity will come after me if I get banned. lol Have to be careful. So yeah, I'm going be around. Don't make me get my troll swatter! :P

Update: I've been lurking GD for not even a day and already see the trolling. Geez...*roll eyes* It's a shame really.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Miss Teen Simiverse Assignment 2 and Scores!


LE: 80/75+25
Comments: I love this Vid and you pulled off the sabotage, which means I award you 5 extra points. Great job. The roses were a nice touch. Fabulous job!

Alverna:70/75 (+25 for outtake)
Comments: Amazing! I thought the name was funny (CC hair salon lol ) and the roses were a great touch Yet it seemed that something was missing...I'm not sure what it is...
Total Score: 100

1st!!!! Woooooohoooo! I was expecting that at all! Hehe, PK sabotage me too, but I manage to pull it off. Note, the sabotage was to makeover both my female extras as red heads! Had to use Agnes ans Jamies of Sunset Valley. I was drawing complete blank with assignment itself, but reality show kept popping into my head. Then I went with the cheesy bachelor theme. lol No offense to fans of that show. I was going do MTV's Next, but I didn't have a bus. xD Anyway, I sabotage PK. *hugs* Bwahaha! I love the next assignment. Just have to think of something. >_<

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

*Breaking news* EA has added comments to our pages!

It's so beautiful!

Guess what?

I've had new account since 05/21/10 on the EA forum and I haven't been banned not once! A clean record. 0_0
I hope haven't jinked myself, but it's a new record! ;)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Liam's new gig!

hmm...would anyone mind offering me some real life advice?

I"m quite puzzled on what I should do about something and asking my family is out of the question. Let just say they will overreact, worry, and become super nosy about it. I would say it out loud here, but I prefer to keep to myself. Nothing embarrassing, but something that should be kept private. Anyone? Please! ^_^

P.S. My family overreact to everything, so it's hard for me ask them anything without them going a bit nuts.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Attention simmers who I need to speak with...

Simians is not working for me. I keep getting a white page saying forbidden 404. lol I hope haven't ban myself, since I am a mod. xD (kiddin)

Zeri, I left a message on your c-box about it, but I figure you might doing something.

Hamsterlover, I would love make some new makeup and take your request! I've been getting disracted lately with things. You are not bothering me though. Too be honest I feel bad because I've been so busy. If I can get the youtube link to work in email Simians sends when you get a pm, I will try get it done. I'm sorry.

Paco!!!! Get your butt over to Simiverse and turn in something. I will be sad if you get eliminated. That is all.

Time to dirty up the template with more post!

I've been up since 7am this morning. This night owl is not happy! Grrrr!

I will say that I'm extremely happy with how the blog turned out and something I must share with you later that I'm very happy about. Not today, but later. Now I need to wake up. *yawn*

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Finish remodeling!

Thoughts? I hope it's not too dark! And hello and I hope your enjoying your weekend!

P.S. I will be tweaking things still, but I'm done the major part already!

Update: Fishies at the bottom! :D Muisc, still working on it!

Friday, December 10, 2010

This weekend, the blog may get a slight makeover...

Well we hit the 100000 and I promise....

I'm still on the fence of changing this blog completely around. I will be playing around with little things, so if things look strange doing the weekend beware I'm doing a little remodeling. Also if I am going to make a huge change to the look, it will be Sunday. I might even put this blog on private then, so beware. Of coruse when I'm done it will be back up and running. I have been looking at the poll and seems to be a tight race between changing it to not changing it. Well whatever I choose your see. ;)

P.S. Nudges everyone reading. Wouldn't mind getting a link for good templates.

You know the saying....

If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say nothing at all. I was going comment on his thread, but memories came back. Some of you might remember, he came into my chat box saying he didn't want anything to do with me without even getting a reply or my side of the story of a dispute I had with his friends. Just popped in and kicked me to the side like a peice of dirt. Well let me just say goodbye and your be back, because I surely don't have anything nice to say. Goodbye. *waves*

Thankfully we won't have hear anymore about lady gaga and mummies! Like seriously what is that about?!

Know what CC we need.....

I would die of simming happiness if someone would make a fur coat for both men and female. Then my rockstars can walk around with fur coats and look awesome! Hopefully a seriously skilled cc creator reads this. *makes puppy dog eyes* Pretty please.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wow, this blog has came quite far....

The blog was quite fugly compare to what it is now. This was my first banner....
lol I forgot how boring and dark it look.

Most interesting search terms on this blog as of now....
deathmare 1
emily sim make up 1
mares nest lufferkinz 1

Deathmare? LOL Um...I really don't even want to know what's thats about. 0_0
Shout out to Lufferkinz! :D

My favorite moment on this blog: Ranting about EA and laughing at the fail trolls on the forum.
My least favorite moment are morons who come here trying to piss me off!

My facepalm moment on this blog would have to be leaving anon comments on for trolls to abuse. Never again! I probably have more facepalm moments, but sadly the trolls can't remind me. *snickers*

I had no idea I would have this blog so long and it would become popular. I wasn't even looking for it to become popular. Really was just a place to hang out when EA banned me. I guess it is full of win! Aha! :D

Mare first post about this blog:
Thank you guys for all your support! :D

Oh for the trolls, I have been harassed, called names, and lecture on how I should run this blog. And guess what?! I'm still here! Take that!!! Bawhahahaha!

Wow well that brought a smile to my face...100000 hits!
*glomps thr Mares*


I'm not done yet! We must party into tonight, more blog post!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Nobody cares about me today (real life crap)

I'm feeling really crappy today and feel really alone. I really miss my grandfather. The house just seems so empty now and there are things that he could that no one could do. Like today I tried hook up something in the living room. They automatically think it's my job, because I'm good with electronics and that I don't need help. Well needed help and I was realy struggling. Then they look at me like I'm crazy when I'm upset and don't feel like doing it. They never assume that maybe she isn't feeling well or maybe they should try comforting me. No, they are too busy thinking about their own problems, so they just ignore me. All I need is a hug and they can't even give me that. My grandfather would have least listen to me and he would have everything hooked up. It just seems like my family is not close as they use to be. I don't know. I just feel like no cares about me today. Like they have better things to do, then worry about me and that I'm getting taken for granted. :(

Sorry, just having a hard time being funny and lively today, so if your wondering why, here. Well at least I did post something lol worthy below.

Not yet a man, not yet woman

Looks like someone visit the plastic surgenon 0_0

ok. o_O

But MysteryJoker revealed his true identity...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Miss Teen Simiverse Assignment 1 and Scores

LE: Score: 72+25=97
You did an awesome job Vid. EA should hire you lol. My only issue was the car seems out of place since it has nothing to do with School Spirit. A track field would have been a better location. Other than that tho, you did Awesome!

Alverna: Score: 70/75 + 25=95
Comments: I loved the idea, and you had all the props, which is good I would have liked to see more people in the background though.
Total Score: 96

Yay 2nd! :D I put the car there, because back when I was in High School(not long ago), all the kids who had cars would always park their cars in front the school to show off. xD Being that Sims made it impossible to park in the street, I chose that spot. A track field never crossed my mind. Ugh! Oh well. PK has sabotage me though for the next assignment, which I have no ideas for at the moment. Darn her! *shakes fist in air!*

P.S. I feel throwing my Sims 3 CD and computer outside as it just crashed in the middle of my photoshoot!!!! *mumbles curse words*

Monday, December 6, 2010

The first assignment for Cycle 2 is posted!

Vanity Cycle 2 Assignment 1:

If anyone would like to guest judge, let me know. Note, you have be available and have skills in judging.

I'm judging this cycle by myself, because I'm feeling more confident in my judging and I just wanted too. I won't mind adding a permenant judge, if someone really wants too. Last cycle judges did great though and I hope they ok with me doing this cycle by myself. I don't mean to offend. I hope haven't offended anyone. D:

Well hopefully I can pull this cycle off.  >_< I haven't forgot my other comp either. Once this assignment is over I may post something about it, but I don't want overwork myself either.

P.S. Will post my scores for Simiverse tomorrow. Wasn't expecting the hacking bussiness.

The EA site hacked again it seems!

(I blocked out the link. It linked to a adult entertainment site.)
Epic fail Pictures, Images and Photos
 Triple Facepalm Pictures, Images and Photos

Serioulsy, like what gives EA?! Does this site have security? I'm beginning to wonder. Just sad.

Friday, December 3, 2010

My daily advertisements....

Hehe, I decorated! Have a look see and we added a couple things today. A holiday inspired lot, some sims and paintings! ^_^

-And Vanity Cycle 2 needs 1 more model now and the reserve folk need to turn in something. You guys are close to losing your spots. Might give you till Tuesday. Last cycle we had this problem and we waited a long time before moving on. Don't want that to happen again. D: Anyway, link to the thread on the side. Click the pic.

Playing with death!

Grimmy wants to play too!
laughing Pictures, Images and Photos

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Nothing to add...

Not much going on still and I'll been trying to spend more time with the family along with getting a life. I'm back and forth. I also need to dust computer out again. Good times. D: Once I'm done with my latest comp entry, I will have more time to goof off on here. I'm in the final 2 and it's due soon so back to work!

P.S. TS3 cc gallery would like to feature more creators, so email us!!!

And Vanity has only 2 spots left so far!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Vampire picture overload! Well kinda a update...

Well Victor Merrick, my vampire has been busy!
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