Friday, December 17, 2010

Going try hanging out in general a little more....

I just read Mare, I see the general forum has become a bit trollish these days. I've seen bit of the "action" going on there, but I've been busy with other things. By time I make it on the thread, it's already on page 30 something and out of control for no reason.

Anyway, general is where the ban hammer hits me and the modeling section is a safe zone for me. I know Catz, Em, and everyone in Vanity will come after me if I get banned. lol Have to be careful. So yeah, I'm going be around. Don't make me get my troll swatter! :P

Update: I've been lurking GD for not even a day and already see the trolling. Geez...*roll eyes* It's a shame really.


  1. GD is my home, but yeah, amazed at the new crop of kiddies. .they make the old crop seem . . .not bad? Something! LOL

    And damn right. If you get banned, I will be here day in and day out until you get a new account, staring at you while I chant, are you back yet? over and over and over . .just think about that :P

  2. ^Haha, I never register Late night. Bawahaha! :P

  3. Good!

    *starts to stare to Remind Vid NOT to get banned*

    *Starts Chanting, "Don't do it Vid!" Over and over.

  4. Yeah people are being total assholes in GD. The LN forum is getting its fair share of shitheads too though ¬¬

    Wankers. The lot of 'em.

    It'll be great seeing you around GD though ^_^ just duck and cover whenever you start seeing threads disappearing, maybe the mods won't see you ;)

  5. We should just let them shoot each other in the foot, then maybe we can get some peace and newcomers will actually Stay.

  6. I dip in every now and again...usually starts with a post that didn't need to be posted to start with....and then all the ''all day every day'' GDers make their comments, and then it gets all mental.

    The ones that piss me off are the threads that become 30 odd pages of people talking, and not even talking about anything related to the original topic or to the sims, quoting each other so the posts are massive....hope they will keep their conversations to fucking comments on their own pages where they belong now.

  7. yeah, it's really pissing me off, and even moreso that these same idiots are the ones complaining that "nobody is ever in GD or on the forums and it's sad" yet they're hijacking threads and treating fellow members like shit. They need to pick a side and stick with it. Either they want people around or they don't.

  8. ^I agree! I love a little OT, but some threads are like :/ It really pisses me off when they turn a perfectly good thread into nonscene though. I hope they take it to their mypages.

    I saw rudeness though myself today. I saw someone start a completely pointless fight today that made me just diguested!


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