Monday, December 20, 2010

And the winner of Modified Beauties is....

Ahhhh!!! *jumps up and runs laps around the room*
The winning pictures...

Runway Shots
Photo's Quality: 8/10
Creativity: 8.5/10
Fashion: 9/10

Photo's Quality: 8/10
Creativity: 9.5/10
Fashion: 10/10
Comments: I like the casual MUCH better. The formal was very dark and pretty, but the casual suit her much more and I'd definitely wear that
anyday. Her makeup in each was superb, and very fit for a runway shoot, which is what I wanted.
***Overall: 53/60***

Natural Beauty Shot Creativity: 4/5
Capture of Assignment: 5/5
Comments: I didn't really like the background, though I understand the theme was kind of set more roman, (I may be wrong.. just guessing) which is
more natural, and they didn't have many things back then. The background just threw off the natural beaty and I focused more on what was going
on in the background rather than the model. I thought the whole idea was very creative, though.
***Overall: 9/10***
Decade Photo Creativity: 9/10
Capture of Decade: 10/10
Fashion: 8.5/10
Comments: I really thought you did well in this photoshoot. Everything fit the decade, and the outfit was complete. The only thing I would
advise is the quality.. it's somewhat choppy, and I think the camera should have zoomed more on the model, but I do realize you wanted to
capture the environment as well. You did a very good job editing the various objects in, I had to really look to realize they weren't from
the game!
***Overall: 27.5/30***
Favorite photo: The 60's Mod Photo!
Runway Shots

Photo's Quality: 8/10
Creativity: 8.5/10
Fashion: 9.5/10

Photo's Quality: 9/10
Creativity: 8/10
Fashion: 10/10

Comments: i definitely liked your runway pictures. they have nice style
and i really like the fact that they're macabre. i like the grungy makeup
for the casual pic.
***Overall: 53/60***

Natural Beauty Shot
Creativity: 3.5/5
Capture of Assignment: 3/5
Comments: i don't like the fact that the picture in the background is more
interesting than the sim, i like the greecian theme though. step it up
***Overall: 6.5/10***

Decade Photo
Creativity: 9/10
Capture of Decade: 10/10
Fashion: 10/10
Comments:i LOVE the retro, i do. it's honestly my favorite picture. i couldn't
even tell that you edited some objects on! it's fantastic. great job!!
***Overall: 29/30***
Favorite photo:decade photo

I was in complete shock last night when I saw it. I was sure I was going get second! I was really struggling getting ideas for this rounds and I'm still new at editing. I really thought I blew it this round though, when I saw Mintkiss' pictures! This officially the first comp, I ever came in first with. I got 3rd before, but to actuallly win! Ahhhhhh!!!!! So freaking awesome!!!!! :D

P.S. Hmmm...I may start Roxy story back up or at least get her hubby!


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