Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hey there folks!

I'm still here. :) I've been playing my nintendo ds and trying to finish the game I brought the other day. I'm almost done. Remember this post here? Well I finally ordered the sequel to Hotel Dusk and got it in the mail yesterday! From the UK (I guess or made originally for there), sent to me from Hong Kong. LOL I never imagine a game could travel so much. xD

This almost makes up for the big dissapointment I suffer with Ace Attorney. After that I told myself I had to get at least one of the games I've been wanting forever now. I'm really excited to play it, but I do want to finish the other game (999). It has alternate endings, which have been quite entertaining.

As for sims, I did start the next chapter of Eternity of the Damned and I've been lurking. I think I'm mostly waiting on pets now to be honest. I'm kinda too tired to post anything else, so laterz.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Hippie!!!!

Happy birthday to one of the nicest and funniest simmers around!

Don't burn down the house with those candles lady. Have a good one! :D

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Battle of the Bands 2?

I think I may do another Battle of the Bands. I don't know, I got a few ideas in my head. I know a lot people were asking about another cycle and I said I was taking a break first, then vanity.

What is it? Lookie here:

It's gives me a break from the pretty model type comps. It's way more lay back and fun. I still wanted do a couples one, but I really wanted bring this back. Would any of you be interested? Will probably be on Simpletons.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

9 hours, 9 persons, 9 doors- Brain cramp FTW!

Nine people have been abducted by a mysterious kidnapper who calls themself "Zero." They find themselves on a ship and are told that they have nine hours to escape before the ship sinks beneath the waves.

This game already hurt my brain with the first puzzle. It may take more than 9 days just to finish it. xD I expected puzzles, but I didn't think it would make my brain cramp figuring it out. Well someone died after I last saved it. I was like OMG, they kill people in this?! Awesome!!! It reminds me of Saw totally! Hmmm....I may make up a competition like this. Be kinda cool if someone did that! I would join. ;P

Anyway, if I seem busy blame the above!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Just a suggestion if your game is broke...

I'm not really tech savy, but this is something everyone should know about IMO. This may work.

Try using system restore on your computer and going back a bit before you downloaded the pets demo or any patches. I've done this many times with patches and it saved my game each time. Now it doesn't work for everyone, but it doesn't hurt to try. You can reverse it if needed, but I recommend not going back to much anyways. Pick a recent date (before the demo or patch) to restore it to and it should work. Everything should be intact, so try it.

Note: You may lose recent downloads and anything you downloaded after the date chosen, but like I said if the date too way back don't try it. I thought I should post this since so many people are have lost their games. :(

EA's new premium content may be full of it..literally!

A musical toilet that's self cleans? 400 points?! Geez...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Am I the only who is terrible with naming sims?

It took me forever to name my latest sim and then I re uploaded him with a different last name this morning. I'm just horrible with thinking of really cool names. I use to be the same with Sims 2, but I think I'm worse with Sims 3. I have so many sims, I'm starting to run out of unique names. Every once in awhile I will think of something really cute or neat, but it's very rare. Aghhhh! Makes my brain hurt! I'm going start naming them 1, 2, 3 soon. xD

OT: Note to self, don't drink starbuck cappuccino at 9pm at night. I was wide awake for half the night. Not a pretty sight. Damn you starbucks!!!  >_>

My newest Sims now available at Customs

Check them out! Now I will say goodnight. :P

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Last night TV time...

Well with drastic weather change here (hot to now cold), I caught a bit of a cold and just decided to take a break from simming world. Didn't have the energy or want to turn on my pc at all yesterday. So I decided to rest and tune in to all the premieres last night. I watched part of Dancing with the Stars, most of Two and the half men, and all of Charlie Sheen's Roast.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Eternity of the Damned -Chapter 12-

Note: Daniel and Louis know each other from the first movie and book. Daniel interviewed him of course! Daniel does not know Lestat though as they never met. He end up running into Armand instead, so keep that in mind.

-Chapter 12: The Reunion-
Claudia found herself in what look like to be a living room as she smoothed out her white lien dress. She had obeyed the immortal orders and changed into what was given to her.
"Why did she bring me here? Where am I?" she thought, looking around the enormous room. She had remembered being hit, but nothing else came to mind.

Friday, September 16, 2011

In game preview of last night sim- *drools*

I think I've out done myself. 0_0

P.S. I'm loving the posebox. So much easier with a list. I'm just surprise how nice he looks in-game.

Late Night in CAS again- Preview

I still haven't forgot about previous guy. So what you think about this guy? Thoughts?
Night for now...

Edit: I changed the picture at the top. Going tweak his eyes. He made that expression when I gave him traits and I think like his eyes more round like that.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday already? New chapter for the weekend!

Well it's 12 here, so it's technically Thursday! I only need 2 pictures for my the next chapter of Eternity of the Damned! I saved the two hardest pictures for last as I need a mod for 1 (nothing major), make a sim/new character and to set up the setting. The pictures I did take look perfect! They actually cooperated with me and didn't give me hard time with stupid facial expressions. Going try start the last two pictures tonight, since I'm on a roll! I'm getting a lot done fast today! :D

Update: Done!!! Didn't take long at all! This Friday!!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

OMG! Brand new Florence and the machine!

Obsessed!!!! Itunes damn you for not releasing this to the US today! Grrr...

Click read more to listen to the song here...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

In a much better mood tonight...

I'm in a really great mood right now! I just took most amazing competition picture. I might share, but I'm going keep under wraps for now. Nothing like a good comp picture to make you feel good. ^_^

Now I think I will work on the story. I have nothing I have do, so I guess I'll work on that. I was really stressed out yesterday and this morning, but I feeling a little better now. Will keep you updated on my dog. Thanks for the really sweet comments. I really appreciate it. <3

Speaking of my dog, she is harassing me as I type this. She keeps licking my foot. >_<

Monday, September 12, 2011

I feel like crying. The nerve! (real life rant)

Amoung other crap, my dog is sick again! She keeps coughing and this is the 3rd time she has had this cough.  She even spit up a little, which means she definitely has it again. I'm thinking it's something more serious now. My heart will not be able to take it if it is. She helped me through very hard times in my life, so I can't afford to lose her. I hope it's nothing serious! I have never had a dog for more than 2 years without getting sick or something happening to it, so she is really special to me.

What really upset me though and really stabbed at my heart, was my oldest uncle accuse me of pulling her collar to hard. Said she was coughing probably, because I tug at her collar too much. Well he has let my dog run out twice, so I usually get a hold of her when he comes in. I did not tug or choke her. I didn't even pull, because I know she has been coughing lately again. The nerve to accuse me of making her sick. That really burn me up. I almost told him to go F himself, I was so pissed. He went out the door thank goodness. He better not ever say a word to me again. All of things I put up with him and accuses me of hurting my dog. I didn't hear him wrong either, because my grandmother told him off. He has some damn nerve though!

I needed to get that out, because I am really hurt at the moment and worried. I'm going take her to big vet here and hopefully they can fix her. Today is a really sucky day. :(

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Epic!!!! The Mares have done it again!
I can't even find a picture that describe how f'ing great this is!

The site:
Have fun chatting it up with her.

Update: Like Booky said, don't use the email in the screenie.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Speaking of KingofTheFail...

From the sim and modeling section....
*click it for a better view*
Le Raunché! Sign ups open folks!
The jokes write themselves. Le Raunché? Real classy!

P.S. And thanks for visiting my blog. Didn't know you were such a fan! <3 Also no offense to the contestants. The comp title is just typical for him.

Aw KingofTheFail loves us!

We know you do! You're welcome!

Friday, September 9, 2011

TMI Alert!!!


Um..yeah I'm not going touch that one.

New chapter coming! Wooo!

I think my writer block took a day off today. I just sat here and wrote a nice size chapter. Now I gotta get everything set up for pictures. I was going use a specific setting for one part, but I think I better use a easier setting as it will take too much time. Plus my game kinda slowed up on me, so I will hate to download anymore things. I think I finally reached my limit on cc. I may have to run a check up on it and do some maintenance myself. Been awhile. I know it's been awhile since I did the defragment thing. I'm horrible with computer lingo. >_>

Anyway, hopefully I can get it done for this weekend. Still have time. If not this weekend, then definitely this week. :)

Yay now my life is complete...

No not really, but Cat whiskers!!!!!!!

Pics from the blog link above.

Now I haven't tried them yet, but I might remake my cat family with these. ^_^

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Agh writers block!

I think I have a case writers block for both my blog and my story. *sigh* Can't think of anything at the moment. I know what I wanted do with my story, but my train of thought is totally off. D:

The forums are also very dead and I'm having comp addict withdrawls from not being in a comp for so long. *sobs*

This post is quite useless, but just wanted you to know I'm still here.

Also Maarrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeesssss! Mares! xD Hope you guys are alright. When you don't post much, it makes me wonder. Just saying. *hugs* :(

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

WTF did I just watch?! Epic Fail!!!!! Ahahaha....

Since that video too f'ing awful to have it posted for a third time, check out the lovely blogs below!

EA, no... just no.

Thank you Paco and Tiny. I needed that. Bwhahaha!!!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Am I the only one who is a picture hoarder?

I just deleted at least 100 pictures in my launcher! Dead serious! I was like WTF! I don't know why I kept or needed all those pictures. I think when it comes to my computer I have hard time deleting things. Am I the only one who keeps 1000's pictures in the launcher no matter how dumb or useless they are? I still kept a lot.

I think I have every competition picture I ever done almost. I may post a before and after of competition pictures I've done. You will be surprise how I will start off with one picture and come up with another. Yea got them too! O_O

Pictures I found in my launcher! Memories!

These are random picture I found in my launcher. It was so many, I may do this again. I cleaned out a lot of the accidental ones and pictures that were just for making things. I think I would have more if my old computer hadn't died on me.

One of my first sims:
Man I came a loooooog way from this.

My new female simmie is uploaded!

So I won't spam my blog with post about her, I deleted the previous post. I had to change her hair as it was slowing down my game a bit and thanks to Booky I realized that it was indeed the previous hair. So I went with another hair from the same creator and tweaked the hair color. Hope you like her! More pics in the link below.
Now my next sim will be the male I blogged about last week. I kinda planned on releasing him with another sim, but we'll see.  :)

Late night in CAS- Got another quick sim preview

Shhhhh it's late, but I have another preview of a upcoming sim upload.
Thoughts? Nighty night for now. ^_^

Friday, September 2, 2011

Sorry guys, was busy!

I haven't really got to be online a lot this week. It's nice to actually sit down and not have to do anything. I think I'm free for weekend. Not sure since it is the weekend and summer nearing the end. I plan on shopping some more and going to the state fair this year real soon, so we'll see. Then I've been worried about Roxie, my dog. So far she is doing better. She had a respiratory infection and this is the 2nd time she's had it. We finish giving her pills for it, which I hated doing. She awful with taking pills! Anyway, she was still coughing a little, but today I haven't heard her cough at all yet. *knocks on wood* Plan on running her to the big vet here if she starts back up with that again. Don't wanted go for a 3rd time, that's for sure.

Well this weekend maybe I will actually finish the sims I was making. I also wanted play my game and get back to my story. Will try get the next chapter up this week or next weekend. The week went by so fast and didn't even realize the weekend was already here till today. Friday already? Geez! 0_o
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