Friday, September 16, 2011

In game preview of last night sim- *drools*

I think I've out done myself. 0_0

P.S. I'm loving the posebox. So much easier with a list. I'm just surprise how nice he looks in-game.


  1. AW thanks for following. ^_^ Sign in as a guest and you can type in any name you want. Disque comment widget can be a pain at times.

    The only cc he has are his eyes, skin, and facial hair.

    I'm going try uploading him tonight, but he will definitely be up for download tomorrow. ;)

  2. Phwooar. What a catch, are you gonna make him downloadable? lol My sim Carmel needs a man as she is totally single. He looks loving cc free ish to me?

    Edit: I dont know why its posting as Natasha B, well I'm Yoteamo Sims one of your new followers. XD


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