Monday, September 12, 2011

I feel like crying. The nerve! (real life rant)

Amoung other crap, my dog is sick again! She keeps coughing and this is the 3rd time she has had this cough.  She even spit up a little, which means she definitely has it again. I'm thinking it's something more serious now. My heart will not be able to take it if it is. She helped me through very hard times in my life, so I can't afford to lose her. I hope it's nothing serious! I have never had a dog for more than 2 years without getting sick or something happening to it, so she is really special to me.

What really upset me though and really stabbed at my heart, was my oldest uncle accuse me of pulling her collar to hard. Said she was coughing probably, because I tug at her collar too much. Well he has let my dog run out twice, so I usually get a hold of her when he comes in. I did not tug or choke her. I didn't even pull, because I know she has been coughing lately again. The nerve to accuse me of making her sick. That really burn me up. I almost told him to go F himself, I was so pissed. He went out the door thank goodness. He better not ever say a word to me again. All of things I put up with him and accuses me of hurting my dog. I didn't hear him wrong either, because my grandmother told him off. He has some damn nerve though!

I needed to get that out, because I am really hurt at the moment and worried. I'm going take her to big vet here and hopefully they can fix her. Today is a really sucky day. :(


  1. Well she's been to the groomer, but that's it. I hope she didn't catch anything there. Oh and she's vaccinated. She got the kennel cough vaccination too, so I don't think it's that.

    Anyway, thanks Cel and hello. ^_^

  2. Aw I won't and thank you. ^_^

  3. Hey Vid, I'm really sorry to hear about your dog. :(  Does she come in contact with other dogs?  Maybe another dog that's also sick, or making her sicker?  And is she vaccinated?  Poor little thing...I hope she feels better soon  :(

  4. Oh Vid I hope your beautiful doggy's ok. And it will have had nothing to do with you yanking her collar, don't listen to your uncle x

  5. That doesn't sound too good. I'd definitely see what another vet says, and hopefully your can get your pup on the mend soon. 

  6. I know. I try to be nice since he's kinda up in age, but he pisses me off. I've had words with him over the years and told him to mind his bussiness as well. 

    Something when starts, something will come up tho. The vet I took her to told me it was respiratory infection both times. Gave her stronger pill for the 2nd time. Now that its back for a 3rd, I think I'll try another vet just to see. She been resting since coughing earlier. Must not feel too great. :/

  7. I know right. This is happen 3 times already and every time I have took her to the vet. It is no way I could case any illness like that with a cloth collar. I think if my grandmother wasn't there, it would been a huge argument with curse words flying. This is typical of him tho. He's been a jerk for almost his whole life.

    Anyway, I hope she will be ok too. :( I did what vet said each time and I really don't get why she is still coughing. Gotta be something else.  

    Sorry for getting all ranty. >_<

  8. Oh no! I hope it's nothing too serious :( Get well soon, vid's doggie :3
    Did he seriously blame you of hurting your dog? I can't even see how that would be a cause of illness unless you pull really hard and it's one of those choke collars with the spikes. Besides, I've seen people who yank their dog all over the place and their dogs haven't been sick once!

  9. I've heard of coughs before, but more along the likes of the "reverse sneeze" or "reverse cough." From what I understand they are fairly normal, Bowser does it quite a bit. However I'm not sure about something coming up with the cough, like what you described. I hope everything goes okay, but don't let your uncle get to you. You're an adult, what you do with your animal is your business and he should butt out.


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