Thursday, September 22, 2011

Am I the only who is terrible with naming sims?

It took me forever to name my latest sim and then I re uploaded him with a different last name this morning. I'm just horrible with thinking of really cool names. I use to be the same with Sims 2, but I think I'm worse with Sims 3. I have so many sims, I'm starting to run out of unique names. Every once in awhile I will think of something really cute or neat, but it's very rare. Aghhhh! Makes my brain hurt! I'm going start naming them 1, 2, 3 soon. xD

OT: Note to self, don't drink starbuck cappuccino at 9pm at night. I was wide awake for half the night. Not a pretty sight. Damn you starbucks!!!  >_>


  1. Aha, I'm not alone! Some simmers come up with the coolest names and I feel so stupid sitting there thinking so hard about it. I get some of my name from food, actors, movies and music. xD

    Thank guys for the suggestions. :)

  2. War Airplane names , car names , motorcycle names and the titles of favourite albums , songs , novels etc are kinda unique ... ie- Curtiss , Hawker , Lancaster , Cord , bentley , MG , Pursang , Fireblade , etc etc :)

  3. You're definately not the only one! I find myself constantly yanking names from video games etc or using the Japanese option of the Fantasy Name Generator when I get sick of sims walking around with the same names XD

    I'm even worse at Western names ^_^;

  4. I use a random name generator online. Sometimes the names will seem very odd and usually you get unique to vanilla names. If I don't use this I end up with everyone's name sounding the same or similiar. I'm sorry for the double post. -BG

  5. I have a baby name book handy if I'm feeling stuck but usually I just scan my bookshelves for an author or character's name.  

  6. I am the same, most of the sims in my bin have names like "dsgth fghjkj" because I struggle to think of actual cool names, and then sometimes I think of one name and give it to half of my sims, so then town is populated with people of the same name. 


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