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Eternity of the Damned -Chapter 12-

Note: Daniel and Louis know each other from the first movie and book. Daniel interviewed him of course! Daniel does not know Lestat though as they never met. He end up running into Armand instead, so keep that in mind.

-Chapter 12: The Reunion-
Claudia found herself in what look like to be a living room as she smoothed out her white lien dress. She had obeyed the immortal orders and changed into what was given to her.
"Why did she bring me here? Where am I?" she thought, looking around the enormous room. She had remembered being hit, but nothing else came to mind.

"I wonder if Louis is looking for me? Does he even know I"m gone?"

I wonder if Lestat..."  she thought quickly waving away the mere thought of Lestat ever missing her. She scowled thinking of him bitterly. She then heard another voice and turned around instantly.

"Um..." he said clearing his throat. "Hello. Are you our guest for tonight madam?"
She locked eyes on what appeared to be a immortal boy about her height. He smiled reaching out her hand winking at her.

Daniel got up quickly never taking his eyes off of Louis as he quickly followed him. He looked back at Armand who appeared to be not paying much attention to him. "He probably come looking for me in a few" he thought.
Once upstairs, they went through some doors into what look like a large dinning room. Louis stopped pointing at one of the tables and Daniel obeyed not saying a word.

"What are you doing here?" Louis asked point blank, not even whispering sitting down across from Daniel. Daniel looked up feeling unease wondering if he should answer him directly rather through his thoughts.
"Armand is here?" Louis said speaking before he could say anything. He looked troubled and annoyed sitting back in his chair. Daniel still frightened, but feeling a little more safer watch Louis intently. He looked so different from years ago. So much modern and disheveled then he remembered.

"I'm blending in. I would of picked something better, but I was in a hurry" Louis said obviously reading Daniel's thoughts now. Daniel too tired to protest such actions nodded his head and quietly took in his surroundings till Louis spoke again.

"Are you ok?"

"I'm fine."

"So why are you with Armand? Why is Armand even here?"


"I can ask the same thing of you." a familiar voice said making Daniel jump at the sound of it.

"Oh hello Armand. That was quick."


"I just saved Daniel from the friends you left him with. Sit down old friend. I think we have a lot catching up to do."

He sat down rolling his eyes and staring directly at Louis who stared back with the same intensity. Daniel felt his stomach flip as he watch them both. The sight of both vampires sitting before him was too unnatural. He felt like sneaking away as the two exchange words.
"Why is Daniel with you?"

"He was just fine where I left him."

"Humans aren't play things Armand. Answer my question."

"It doesn't concern you."

"I left him at the hotel room so many years ago in hopes he would give up his obessision with the vampire lifestyle and now he sitting here with you? It does concern me."

"Well that's your problem, but I thank you for leading him right to me."

"What the hell does that mean?"

"Nevermind that. More importantly why on earth do you look like that?" Armand retorted back looking over Louis chuckling to himself. "Your style has changed quite drastically!"

"That has nothing to do with this," he said looking down at his clothes again and frowning. Armand laughed breaking Louis' train of thought. Unable to hold back a smile himself, Louis sat back in his chair folding his arms.

"You still haven't answered any of my questions and I did not find that funny!"

"Yes, you did. You laughed as you always do." Armand said making Louis roll his eyes playfully resisting the urge to smile even more. Daniel feeling the tension subsided, slouched comfortably in his chair watching the two in awe. It was very strange seeing the two vampires he ever known now sitting across from each other talking like old friends. He felt his eyeslids droop feeling oddly comfortable in their presence now as he felt himself drifting off to sleep.

"Louis where the hell did you go?! For someone who doesn't like these type of clubs, you sure know how wonder off...." Lestat yelled appearing out of no where. Armand warm smile for Louis changed quickly as Lestat stared down at him completely shocked.
Daniel waking up instantly, gasped and bent down as if looking for something on the floor. He wasn't sure how this could save him from any attacks, but the sight of Lestat tall figure was frightening enough.

"I was making myself useful and I couldn't bare sitting around while you threatened that poor vampire for information" Louis said after some time breaking the deafening silence that had fallen between them.

"I didn't say go looking for people like him though! What the hell is this?" Lestat blurted out finally finding his voice and breaking his intense gaze at Armand.
Armand shook his head feeling like he had been a trance and looked over at Daniel who hid beside him kneel down out of sight.

"Daniel, get up."

"But my contacts..."

Armand sighed. "You don't have contacts moron. You have glasses. Now get up."

Daniel slowly got up peeping up at Lestat who was staring directly at him now. He sat down avoiding Lestat gaze and began playing as if he was cleaning his glasses.

"My lens popped out Armand, but noooo I'm a moron? Thanks for the help."
"You're welcome and yes you are." Armand said smiling. Daniel glared at him and went back looking around the room aimlessly.

"Who the hell is he?" Lestat pointed at Daniel. "Your pet?"

"None of your bussiness and no he is not my pet!"
The two began auguring amongst themselves causing Louis to groan and rub his temple in frustration. From what he read and heard he knew the two could never see eye to eye, but he thought after centuries of not seeing each other they would be a little happy to be reunited. "Just like old times" he mumbled under his breath.

"Armand!" Daniel said clutching onto Armand's arm trying to get his attention.

"As I said who the hell is he then?" Lestat persisted.

"Armand, look!"

"What?!" he said angrily turning around to Daniel. They all looked over where Daniel was pointing at and saw a woman in black dress made her way to the stairs. Armand grabbed Daniel ran toward the stairs with Louis and Lestat following closely behind. She quickly walked to the exist out the double doors they enter early and ran quickly following her. When they step outside she was gone and they all exchanged confused glances.
"Where she go?"

"Daniel shut up."

"So we are looking for the same person?" Louis said looking at Lestat and Armand who had forgotten about their rivalry. They stood beside each in other deep thought. "So where next gentlemen?"

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