Monday, April 30, 2012

EA simpoint robbery! Cough up the refund EA!

No this isn't a comp stuff post. Remember this folks from last week? I ended up winning this competition, but what I didn't mention was the prize I was promised.

Someone hire me already! I'll work for cookies!

If I have to do one more application, I'm going to lose it. Aghhh!!! I'm also sick of getting no's too. Like geez how the F am I going get any experience if you don't hire me?! I'm running out of places!
Unemployment Pictures, Images and Photos

Also my mortal combat weekend was also a bust. That damn game wouldn't even go pass the loading screen. Fail!

P.S. Where is everyone? I currently have no life at the moment, so get over here. :P

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Been kinda MIA. Sorry about that...

Haha, I'm still around. I think I made a post like this before around the same time. A end of the month thing? ROFL I'm not avoiding anyone or anything of the sorts if you're wondering though. Just been busy with life, family, and other games. Like I've said before my dad is off on weekends (some Mondays too) and I've just haven't felt like running to the computer much lately. Been mostly focusing on competition pics and spending the rest of my time off the computer. Oddly enough I have become extremely interested in old games from my childhood recently. I just brought mortal kombat for the playstation 2 and I'm dying to play it. Been years since I've played that game. Probably play that tomorrow with my Dad. We use to love playing that together. I kind of want to play some really old super nintendo games too. I miss Duck Hunt, ninjas turtles, and the cult classic zombie game that used to be on there! :( I wish I could find a super nintendo and hook it up like old times. I feel kinda old thinking back, but games use to be so simple and zany in good way back then. They were quality too.

Then with real life. I've been trying to find a job still. Something to hold me over till I can get into classes or get some training. I really have my mind set on being a veterinarian assistant now. It's at least something I know will be around and all the vet visit with Roxie inspired me. I just really need get my life together. I'll be 23 soon. >_>

Other than that I've been off and on dealing with constant sneezing. One min I think it's allergies, the next minute I'm back thinking I'm sick again with a cold. I have no clue what to take now. It's really a pain.

P.S. I'm slowly getting back to my soon to be genie family I was playing. I wanted play some more in Lunar Lakes too, so I'm sill simming. ^_^

Turning a modeling set into a bar. Thoughts?

Been working on this off and on since mentioning it earlier this week.

The Odd Couple: Assignment 1 Pics + Scores

Arnie + Maggie by Pink - 60/60 
Me Time-"What do they like to do when they need space? Show their differences"

Arnie is a huge nerd, which is what Maggie loves about him. It's only when he role plays that things get a bit too nerdy for her. When he thinks she isn't watching, he loves to role play in his dorm room while playing dungeons and dragons. Waving a wooden sword with authentic knight gear he brought online, he can get a litte carried away.

"Princess Maggie I shall save you!"

"What? Arnie are you in there?"

"What?! come back later!"
Meanwhile, Arnie loves Maggie's tough side. It's one of things he admires about her, but when she plays pool she can be a bit competitive and he isn't very good at it. Arnie being total fail at anything consider sports, she doesn't mind going alone. She likes to play in the toughest of bars. Places she knows her boyfriend would coward in fear just to look at, which oddly brings her a thrill. Winning cash and beating the boys all night long can really take her mind off of things.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hmmm...I don't have the heart to delete it

I never finished the first club I was making, but yesterday I build this for my odd couples comp pic. I'm getting a lot better at building sets.
I'm thinking about completing it and making it into a real bar. Hmmm...seems like it would be something good to practice on. :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Darkness Finale! I won 1st! Woooo!!!

I had a lucky simming day yesterday. :) *jumps up and down* This comp ended early, but I won with my zombie picture. So much fun. To think I almost dropped out. ;)
Click read more to see all the pictures for this, descriptions, and ideas behind them.

Thank you Mares for my chunk of weirdness! xD

Mares gifted me Lunar Lakes for my 1000th post! :D
I wasn't expecting this at all you two! You didn't have to do that. Thank you!!! *glomps* :) I must say it's better than I thought. It is weird, but I really like it. Now to figure out what kind of family I should make for this. lol

Sunday, April 22, 2012

What to say on my 1000th post?

Yep...My 1000th post, not counting the 2 drafts I have. Speech you say? I know this has been the moment you all been waiting for. No, you don't have to tell me. I know you been on the edge of your seat waiting this out. lol So what do I have to say for 1000 post?

Thanks. That is all. I've been sitting racking my brain on what to post and thanks is what to comes to mind. Without you I wouldn't have much to say. You made this 1000th post possible, because what else would I blog about besides sims and I think "at least someone is reading this". xD Your the reason I keep this up almost everyday. Thank you. And thank you Mares for giving me the inspiration to screenshot the craziness that is the simming community. Your influence is all over this blog. 1000th post later and I'm still here. Who knew I had that much to say. 0_0

*cue the Carlton dance*
dance - carlton Pictures, Images and Photos

P.S. And Happy Birthday Paco. :)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

I don't care what anyone saids, this is freaking epic Japan!

Pffff who needs Tupac, Japan has a freaking anime character hologram singing on stage!
OMG imagine if they had Gorillaz in concert with their hologram characters singing. I will kill to see that! Epic! Ha, I can't believe my father didn't think this was cool. He totally zoned out when I was trying to tell him this just now. Men sometimes....-_-

Edit: And lol. I think my father zones out whenever the word anime is in a sentence. Oh well. xD
Edit 2:  Correction, they did have hologram Gorillaz at the Grammys, but this looks cooler and more high tech.

Vampire Immortality! Joined another comp...

I was trying to post this yesterday. >_<  Blogger hasn't ran me away...yet. Back to my post...

My model...
Henry Rosendale. Not too crazy about his last name, but you know how I am with names. Anyway, he is crossed between Louis, Lestat and Armand. I like to think of him of having Louis' personality, Armand's looks mixed with Louis a bit, and Lestat artistic side with a pinch of his dark side. This should be fun. :) 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Angry Blogger? More like furious!!! WTF is this...? *Updated with good and bad news*

Warning: This blogpost contains uncensored curse words! 
The new blogger look no matter if I want or not! And yes I had to use google crome to type this!!!
Click the picture for full view.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

A short random post while I'm still awake

I've notice lately when once I start something now, I can't let it go. I must finish it. I will become slightly obsessed with it almost and want no one to bother me while I'm working on it. It literally pisses me off when I can't finish something now. Why? Like today I spent half the day making a sim, because I wanted it to be finish and it had to be perfect. Slightly OCD? I don't know, but I'm finally finish. >_>

I'm also working on something else, but I'm trying not to rush it and make crap. Off and on working on it, so I'm not too obsessed when it comes to that. Back to work tomorrow I guess.


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Seasons Category on The Exchange?!

Breaking news kinda brought to you by Sims VIP and a thread on the forums. And nope I'm not kidding this time. Another possible leak?

I hope this means a Seasons ep is coming soon. I still want magic though, so hopefully we get both. :)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

What are you searching for?! I don't think I want to know!

Um...yeah I'm not going touch this one.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Darkness and Odd couples! Comp pics!

I've been working on this all day!!! 8 sims and 8 different poses. It's exactly what I wanted. So happy! :) If you can't tell I had to dress my model up as a zombie. And you know what show I was inspired by? The Walking Dead of course! See if you can spot Rick and Shane look alikes in the pic. xD

Next, I joined another competition. Another couples one, but this time I have a girl/guy couple. They are kinda inspired by my other favorite modeling couple, Mikey and Nick. They remind me of them anyway. Named them Maggie and Arnie though. Hehe.
I have another picture, but that one will probably be use for the model wall and I loooove this pose. Well I'm done with comp stuff for today. Time to focus on other stuff while I'm still awake. ;)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Disqus comments to Blogger comments testing 1, 2, 3,....

Just a few mins ago, I have switched disqus comments back to regular blogger comments. This is not my permanent decision, but a test. Since my poll ended up undecided, I decided to try out my original decision for awhile to see how it goes. If I feel that disqus comments make for better commenting, I can easily change it back. Changing back to blogger though was a longer process that was kinda a pain. Either way comment like you did before disqus came along for now. I still have a ip tracker on this blog, so I'm not too worried. ;) Also don't be alarm if some comments are missing. I think I got most of them.

Blogger still has plans to F things up!

Remember this post?

Well looks like blogger still has plans to change to the new crappy look...
On top of that, blogger still gives me the limit message when I try to upload screenshots like the above. Sim pics though upload fine. Odd.

Meanwhile in Starlight Shore...

I finally found Liam's double, Willard Wright.
I actually think Liam is more attracted verses Willard's huge nose.
Also has anyone notice the moon in SShore.
Hmmm a hint to werewolves or maybe seasons? :o

Love, magic, and gnomes! Pic Spam!

My gnome baby is now a kid. Cute how they grow up. :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Two of my blogs may be getting shut down soon

Kinda sad, but I have been thinking this over for a long time now. TS3 CC gallery and VK20 Sims modeling may be getting deleted soon. I always feel like a failure when it comes to this stuff, but I don't have the time to keep updating these blogs.

TS3 CC especially takes work to keep updating and it takes even more work to hunt down people to add to it. It also isn't fun to keep updating with the same people over and over again. To be a real listing site, it should at least have a variety of people. Things just got slower and slower as time went on with a few bumps in the road. Then the sese.. troll business also hinder it from working as the email had to be taken down. Just a lot of things contribute to it's demise and I knew full well I wasn't going be able to keep it going after awhile. I think it would be best to put out of it's misery. Maybe down the road I can do something like this again with a cooler name. lol

Then with VK20 Sims Modeling, with me no longer able to run comps under my vidkid20 name it's silly to keep it up. Plus it just gives me added work with scores and assignments. I was thinking about keeping it up for just to look at, but I can make a page for my modeling comps here if you ever want to look at them.

I have not hit the delete button on any of these yet, but soon if I don't change my mind they will be going bye bye with one last post. Vidkid20 sim lair and VK20 customs will be staying up though, so no worries. Back to work. :)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Oh and EA.... Congrats!!!

You should really change your logo to that. It's suits you. Congrats! Well deserved! Been meaning to say that.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Ughhhh...why now? It's Spring!

I went through all of winter getting colds here and there, but simple colds. Nothing really serious. I've really gotten lucky so far. Well now I'm sick again and guess what? My f'ing asthma is trying to come back. Been a few years since my last asthma attack. Why why why must you come back to torment me? I'm trying hard to keep myself from coughing, because once I start coughing thats it. It's already trying to sneak back with me sneezing. Every time I sneeze my chest hurts, which sucks majorly. Then running is out of the question also right now. I got out of breath within seconds yesterday trying to play with my dog. I should probably get prepared. Geez if anit stupid annoying allergies, it's something else! Well on the plus side, I do feel better. Still a little clogged up, but better. If I get my cold to go away, I might can make it without having asthma sneaking in.

Sorry if I sound like I'm whining. I'm really just sick of being sick. If only the weather over here would stop going up and down! Stupid weather! >_>

Living with The Genie Part 2 (Pic Spam) *Genie makeover at the end*

 The 2nd part. Like I said, I had a lot pictures. The last few pics are Mr. Genie's new look, so give me some feedback on the makeover.

Oooh crap, forgot about this picture. He can also clean the house by simply clapping his hands.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Living with The Genie Part 1 (Pic Spam)

I seriously have too many pictures to put in one post, so you may be getting a double dose tonight. Anyway, we last left off with my sim rubbing the lamp and finally getting a male genie.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Kill a Katy Perry Sim? The brain cells that got away!

Ah a kill Katy Perry thread. Who didn't see this coming? With EA ramming Katy Perry down our throats and a Katy Perry sim being available for download (looks nothing like her, but meh), you would think these threads would be popping up in droves.

Midnight Pic Spam: My new genie and baby gnome ^_^

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Seasons ep leaked!!! Video and Pics! (April Fools)

Isn't it awesome!!!!!
EA can't keep anything under wraps can they?
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