Monday, June 13, 2011

Blogger why did you make blogger draft look so stupid! *UPDATED*

Blogger draft is what I use to make post here. They updated it a week ago. 



I hate blogger for this. I can't even type on it sometimes as it won't let me. Then posting more than one picture is a pain. Another reason I can't do my story. I think it works better on googgle crome, but I like viewing my blog on IE. The control panel looks like this too. All grey and stupid. F'ing hate the new design! Thanks a lot blogger!

P.S. I'm going search to see if I can change it back. Blogger also logs me out now when I go to view my blog.

Update: I fixed it!!!!! You don't know how happy I am right now. Might been over a week I was dealing with this. Finally I got rid of that thing! *hugs old blogger draft*


  1.  I think I know how to change it back... go to Settings > Basic and scroll all the way down to the bottom and there should be something that lets you switch it back.
    That's so weird though. I'm still using the old drafter and I haven't had a chance to change :/ Maybe it's just your luck :p

  2. Nvm. I fixed it!!!!! I had to uncheck blogger draft as my default. Was in a weird place too. :D

  3. Just my luck to get this stupid thing. lol I don't see anything letting me change it back. Your blog may be next. They said they will be slowly rolling out the new design. We didn't need a new design. :/

    Still trying to get rid of this thing. Ugh.


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