Monday, June 13, 2011

Well the show must go on!

My new main forum will be at Simpletons. I will be hosting my competitions and hanging out there since EA booted me off. Vanity sign ups will start tomorrow or later today. I'm bored and kinda ready to start, so we'll see. Will post the link here and ad on the side.

The competition I didn't get to end will end on my blog and I will happily announce the winner here. I feel bad, but it's nothing I can do about it. :/

Unfortunately Hippie is perma banned now, which sucks. If anymore people get banned, I may have to start a list.  So please stay low and watch out for the ban hammer. :(

Lastly, I have not gave up my vampire story. I'm afraid the save game my vampires are on might be corrupt with Generations installed now. I'm afraid to try it. Along with that I was having freezing issues and I haven't really got to test it out since changing my settings. Might try later tonight. >_<

Oh and I still plan on blogging about the forums and such. I can still lurk and I need something to rant about. Plenty of material over there.

Kinda a update for those wondering.


  1. Aw thanks for the kind words. EA fails so they can't win. They better not anyway. Banning me won't keep me quiet. ;) 

  2. Good to see you aren't falling off the face of the planet!  Don't let EA win.  If they were to silence you we all would lose. 




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