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Enternity of the Damned -Chapter 7-

This chapter is Armand and Daniel. The next will be Lestat and co. I like to think of Daniel and Armand as my comical relief somewhat. xD Also I have some cameos in this. You might recognize some of these sims as I modeled with both and post pictures of them here. Hope you enjoy it and still want to read it. Had to fix my game and I did finally. Then blogger was being stupid. Fixed that also. So sorry for the delay!

-Chapter 7: A Vampire's Kiss-
"Daniel my boy get this young lady a drink." Armand said sitting back in the booth like leather chairs as he put his arm around the woman next to him.

Daniel simply looked at him with annoyed expression and obeyed. He knew he was in for a long night. Armand demanded they go out on a night on the town, despite his weakening stamina and he readily agreed. Spending another night at home with him could be dangerous he thought. He knew he that he may not escape Armand's taste for his blood later on, but keeping him occupied now would keep him from doing anything else to him. The thought of Armand looking down at him inflicting pain to see his human reaction flashed across his mind and he knew he made the right decision. He order three drinks, two for himself and one for the girl. Armand would only pour his out in a plant somewhere as vampires of course didn't drink and he was pretty sure he would need at least two to get through the night.
He grab the drinks and sat down beside the vampire. He could tell the girl was intoxicated and Armand would use this to his advantage. Armand looked over to Daniel frowning as he watched him take a sip of his brandy. "Drinking like always. "

"What do you expect? We're in night club with a bar." Daniel said taking another sip. "I can't stay awake without it. I'm not like you."

Armand scoffed and turn his head looking out into the club as the drunken woman turned his attention to Daniel now.

"Is that your brother?" she slurred.




"Hmmm?" Armand turned around to Daniel annoyed. "You have to think about it?"

"Friends are considerate of other friends feelings. I could be sleeping right now, but I'm with you." Daniel said somewhat bitterly.

"Ahhhh..." the drunk woman spoke again leaning into Daniel closely. "Lovers right?"

"What?!" Daniel said chocking on his drink. Armand simply smiled and winked making the woman blush. "Armand! No, he's kidding. Really."

Armand smiled again and chuckled. "I'm only playing. He's my butler."

Daniel only looked at him frowning. The drunken woman looked at both of them confused, but seem to take Armand's answer. "He's looks too old for you anyway Armand," she finally said leaning back into her chair giggling.
"I'm old? He's like 20000 years older than me!" Daniel thought to himself. Armand rolled his eyes and coax the woman to finish her drink. She fell asleep quickly to Daniel surprise and he watched as Armand sunk his fangs into her. He was half disgusted and half jealous looking at him devouring the blood. When he was finished, he turned his attention to back to Daniel and moved  the woman over to the side of him. Daniel rolled his eyes at him and frowned.

"What you don't like being my butler?"

Daniel snorted at the thought. "Not that you fiend. I need sleep! I'm not immortal you know!"

"I will let you sleep as much as you want if you tell me what your hiding." Daniel froze at these words and got up to go to the bar. Before he could take a step, the vampire took hold of him and they were facing each other now. "Do I have to force it out of you? Make a scene in front of all these mortals. Maybe kill you with my bear hands."
Daniel eyes widen in fear. "Whhaaatt?"

"Well you said I wasn't your friend and your right. I'm not."

Daniel backed up putting his hands front of his face as the vampire reached out for him. He closed his eyes and heard Armand chuckle in his ear. He open them to see Armand folding his arms and standing in front of him.
"Now why would I kill you without finding out what your hiding? Your fun to tease Daniel. You really are." He grabbed Daniel by his shoulder and lead him out the club. "Armand your awful! Your really quite awful." Daniel was angry, but more relieved than anything. He stopped suddenly and felt for his wallet in right pocket.

"Armand, I think I left my wallet. Probably left it at the bar. Be right back."

Armand looked around to offer to get it, but Daniel had already went back inside. Daniel went back to the bar where the wallet still sat. Relieved he picked it up and slid it back into his pocket.
 He felt a hand on his shoulder and instantly thought the tall vampire had followed him inside. He turned around to tease Armand for his impatience, but turned to see a very pale and beautiful woman staring at him.
"Who are you?" he found himself wispering as he stared into her radiant eyes. She pulled him closer to him and felt sudden feeling of fear. She spoke a language he did not understand and smiled at him playfully. "I have someone waiting for me. I must go."
She instantly pushed him against the wall kissing him furiously. Confused by the woman's actions, he gently try to push her away. She held onto him with a tighter grip and he felt a bit fearful of her strength. Part of him wanting her to go on and part of him wanting to escape, he closed his eyes feeling helpless.
"Daniel! What are you doing?" He open his eyes after what seem like a long time to see Armand standing in front of him now. "How long had he been standing there?" he thought looking around bewilder.
"The woman...was kissing me...where she go?"


"What woman? I saw no woman with you. You were just standing there looking like an idiot....which isn't unusual. I told you not to drink."

"What? No, a woman. She kissed me" he tasted blood in his mouth. He wonder if Armand could smell it on his breath and quickly swallowed it. His tougue throbbing in pain.

"I only came in here because you were taking so long. I saw no woman with you. You look like you've seen a ghost. Come on. Bed time for you Daniel."
"But...but..I saw her!" Daniel protested. "I think it was a vampire."

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