Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A small Gernerations picture spam

Didn't know we could boobytrap the computer when I was playing the other day.

Nick going late in the night to set up a prank in the school. Was suppose to be filling the principle's office with frogs I beleive?
Got caught.
I hope it's another color other than yellow dye. Keep getting yellow.
Learning to drive.
The repo man for the first time ever came to my sims house! He took my chemistry set, but I brought another. :P
The memories are a pain in the ass now. I didn't get the nonfiction thing for to pay bills, because of those stupid memories. I don't mind some of them, but a lot of them are useless and only need to be said once.

I'm getting bored with my current family. I'm waiting for the prom option to show up. I change the age setting so things would move along a little faster. I hope they don't miss the prom. Graduation and prom are the main reasons why I aged them down to teen. After I'm done seeing the prom and graduation, I might make a family with kids and get a imaginary friend. I want one so bad. They look so cute. ^_^


  1. Figures. :/ Some of them are so stupid.

    Like "whathisface changed his clothes" Who cares?! lol

  2. It doesn't stop them accumulating memories tho so you need to delete those from their album (or whatever it's called). 

  3. really? thank you so much. They are starting to drive me nuts.

  4. In Options, you can turn off the memories notification :D Saved my life xD


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