Thursday, June 30, 2011

Vanity Cycle 3: No spots left and the new poll! *Updated!*

All the spots are taken now. ;)

Anyway, I added a poll on the side as I've been trying to decide what I should do with Vanity next or if I should do a whole different competition soon.

With Vanity Cycle 4, I was going have contestants turn in two models instead of one. The models could be like siblings, couples, friends, etc. Not necessarily romantic.

Then my other idea was a totally new competition involving couples and love basically.

I might end up doing both, but I would like know what you guys think. You can change your vote if change your mind after reading this. ;) I know it's kinda early to talking about another cycle of Vanity. xD Anyway, Battle of the Bands 2 is next, so I have some time to think on it. :P

Updated: If you want to join Vanity, you will have to beg and plea! I planned it for only 12, so I'm not looking for anymore. Sign up are closed!

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