Monday, June 6, 2011

I got Generations!!!! YAY!!!!!

Thanks to Hippie I have a copy of Generations for free!!!!! This is so awesome!!!! She didn't even charge me anything and she could of. Hippie your amazing! Thank you so much! I'm so lucky to call you my friend! I totally owe you for this! So freaking nice!!!! You really are so amazing Hippie! <3
I'm so excited! This made my day!


  1. I am glad for you, Zeri.  The dude at the post office said your's would arrive Wed. at the latest.  You guys have fun.  Until I get my harddrive sorted out there will be no Gen for me!

  2. yay grats!! i just got mine today too, care of the amazing and generous hippiedippie :) installing now XD

  3. Aw!  You're making me blush, vid.

  4. That's so cool! I hope you enjoy it!!


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