Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I Do.... modeling assignment 1 (the only assignment so far)

Since I'm not sure if this competition will ever start, I will post my entry here. Right now it's going to waste. I'm starting to wonder if it will ever start. :/

My original post about this comp was here.

By the way, I took this picture while my game was in mid freeze. Literally flashed almost in slow motion and then it froze. I edit out some stuff, but it came out perfect.

The story that I wrote for it:
They first met at their school playground. Nicki, the trouble maker and Mikey, the shy type. They became friends trading baseball cards and reading comics. Mikey would follow Nick everywhere, but Nick didn't mind. Any other kid he would, but for some reason Mikey was different. He would often tease Mikey for being a nerd sometimes, but he never let anyone else bully him. He would get into fights just to protect him. Mikey was always awe of his friend. Was the one reason why he never left his side. They would meet at the playground every afternoon just so they could walk home together. It was pretty innocent then, but you could tell they were pretty close.
When they grew up, they went their separate way for awhile. Nicki left town to become a musician and Mikey stayed home to further his studies after high school. Two years went by and Nicki came back still struggling to make it as a musician. He didn't recognize anything when he returned. He wondered if he had came back too late. He went to very playground him and Mikey met. It had became a place for him to think when they grew too old to play there. He sat there for awhile feeling absolutely alone and finding himself thinking about his childhood friend. He then heard a voice and looked up to see Mikey staring down at him. He instantly smiled, which was rare for him. It took a lot for him to smile at anything. Mikey smiled back feeling his heart beat fast. Their eyes met and they said nothing for awhile. Staring deeply into each other eyes, a new feeling came upon them. Was this love? Neither were sure, but it was almost like they first met.

It was a very cheesy, sappy, but cute entry. *sigh* All that and the competition seems dead now. :/

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