Friday, June 10, 2011

*sigh* What a night...

Last night we had a real bad storm and then a black out. I was actually on here when I heard this big boom and everything just shut off. Not only did the power go out, but a big street lamp had fell in the middle of the street. The whole block was pitch black. I did manage to get on my chat box here on my cell  phone to let Cat, Paco, and Hippie know what was going on. I just didn't want dissapear since I was in the middle of chatting with them.

I didn't go to sleep till 3am this morning. Was too hot to go up stairs and was too hot to even sleep. I end laying wide awake on a pillow on the floor. I kept sweating and sticking to couch, so end up laying on the living room floor (it has carpet). My grandmother slept on the couch (no where else to sleep) and my father slept in his favorite chair. No one really went to sleep though. Even my dog kept running around trying to figure out what was going on. Poor thing was so confused. Then I kept hearing every little sound in the house and jumping up. I laid there for awhile very annoyed and just hot. I also had to eat peanut butter and jelly, because I was starving!

The power did come back 3 am in the morning. I was laying there and I heard a beep. I got up and saw the air conditioner had came on. Was so happy. I went to bed after that and woke up a hour ago, which is 11 o'clock. My sleeping schedule is off.  Last night really sucked!

Now my next post will be a rant I was holding in from last night, because my cell phone can't make blog post.


  1. Aw, poor Vid! That sounds miserable...

  2. I am sorry, vid!  When you said the power went off, I wasn't even thinking about the air conditioner and it was hot as shit!!   You could have come to my house!   lol

  3. Yeah it was quite miserable, but it could of been worse. Could of been days. I did get some sleep. I will probably be knocked out later. So happy it;s back on tho. :D

  4. The storms has been bad lately. It sucks your power got turned off and you and your family had to bear through the heat. Good thing it's back on :)


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