Monday, June 20, 2011

And the winner of Mangaka Volume 1 is....

End of this Lifespan
The time had come, I could feel it in my bones...ever since that night, that battle, when...when in his dying grasps he grabbed my arm...when he made his last act...biting me. I knew it was the end that very moment, there was no cure and there probably never will be. Once your are turned there is no going back, your old life...well its gone, your are a new person. No. A new creature, of evil. I continued to climb the stairs, higher and higher. However many stairs I climbed I didn't get tired, my strength was growing. I reached the roof and began to climb the scaffolding, I had to get higher, I had to see the city. The city I once protected. The city which would soon be my enemy. I knew these were my last moments as me, as Mayu. I took a long, depth breath of the cold night air. A cold tear ran across my numb cheek. Goodbye Mayu, and at that moment all I saw was red.

Darkslayer dropped, so Simanims you are the winner!!!! Congrats!!! Definitely deserve it!

Siggie if you want:
If you want a different picture tell me.

Wanted to post this before going to bed. Will update the modeling blog also. Sorry for the wait and inconvenience. Thanks to everyone who participated in this cycle.


  1. I know. :/

    But it's still well deserved. Your picture was awesome. ^_^

  2. Oh wow! Thanks :) Its kinda sad that Dark dropped though :(


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