Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Aw guys please don't gift me! Now I feel bad!

Thank you so much, but folks I can't download any store content on my banned account. When you are permanently banned, you are banned from everything which includes the store. EA should be ashame of themselves for letting people gift me still. I would hide my old page, but my creations are still there. *sigh* Just please don't gift me. If you want to gift someone today, please gift this wonderful simmer. She totally wasted her points on me. :(


  1. You know EA, all about the dollar bills.  If they can disable an account so completely, you know they're capable of disabling gifting to said account as well--they just choose not to.  Easy money.  

    Anyway, I gifted her a little something--gotta keep the good karma flowing in spite of EA's asshattery!

  2. Aw thank you Darkling! *hugs* That makes me feel me better she at least got something for EA's BS.
    Yeah, they will get money anyway they can and why not profit off something that should be turned off for banned members. It would make more sense to leave the store open for people banned if they just want money, but of course they never make sense.

  3. They'll also let you buy simpoints as a gift to someone outside your country (even though it does say that can't be done in the terms, but who reads those?). I was gifted (or so I thought) a 1000 points for winning a contest, I got a message telling me the good news and everything. When I went to redeem them with my little code I was told that this was not possible as I didn't reside it the same country as the gifter...*facepalm* Why the hell didn't they inform her about this when she bought me the simpoints?! She did get a refund though, so maybe your gifter can get one too. But banning someone from the store, that's just poor business sense.

  4. You would think the store would be the one place they allowed banned members to use.

    I found this out when Dark gifted me as vidkid20 tho, so I was hoping no one would gift me anything. It really sucks not being able to download my gift and it's awful how this person wasted points on me. EA can never do anything right. A bunch of money hungry idiots.

  5. Oh dear, that really sucks.  By disallowing that, EA is just adding insult to injury.  Beeteedub, why should a forum ban translate into an entire store ban?  Dillhole move, EA.  But then again, what more should we expect...




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