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Preview: Interview With A Vampire T-shirts (female)

Don't forget about your entries for Vanity, my contestants!

Just a reminder. I know some of you have extensions and I will be extending the date anyways, but please get your entries in as soon as you can. ^_^

Sorry I know have blog for this, but just a small reminder. :-P

P.S. Bump my thread every once in awhile and I shall give you a cookie.

Guess what guys! Remember I lost my Sims 2 cds?

I found it!

happee Pictures, Images and Photos

I'm the type of person, if I lose something I want to find it! I finally did! ^_^ Now I might install them, since I have plenty of space. I don't know if can go back though. Maybe one day!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy birthday Zeri and LE!

funny happy birthday Pictures, Images and Photos

The pic I should have maybe used for Gothique Assignment 6!

Well I thought this too was simple(his pose and the set) and like I said, my idea had went bust when I took this. I also didn't want to look like I copied JK, who pic was pretty awesome. Now wonder if this would been the pic that got me in the final 2. We shall never know. I will post more pics that didn't quite make the cut, since I still have them.

My Gothique Assignment 6 Results! The last....

I got eliminated! :-( I did get thrid though! :-)

16/20 - Fashion/Setting/Pose
9/10 - Creativity
8/10 - Picture
8.5/10 - Overall
This is a really good picture. I love your model's pose...very simple, but effective. However, the extras are really distracting. Also, never forget the power of the can take an outfit from emo to goth... Good job.

17/20 - Fashion/Setting/Pose
8.5/10 - Creativity
8.5/10 - Picture
8.5/10 - Overall- I really like the set and there is a lot going on...but my eyes are still drawn to your model, which I am happy about. I think the picture may be a little too bright. But I'm also thinking, were the other people really necessary? And it doesn't really...scream fashion add. But none the less you still did a good job.
Total: 85/100

Well this is the first competition I ever made to the end too. I had drop out of competitions before for good reasons. One for computer problems and 2 (at the same time) for a death in the family. So, now I can say I made to the end of a comp. It is kinda relief, because the last two assignment I drew complete blank. I would have awesome idea in my head, then I would turn the game on and then the idea fell apart. Then I would freak out and no other ideas would come to me, nothing. It started after the sloth picture and got worse. This last picture was me trying to put as much detail and pieces of ideas all in one picture. Bad idea! :-( I also missing writing a poem for it. Well I can't say I gave up, because I almost did a couple times. I didn't though. Now I can concentrate on Vanity and Late Night coming. If join another comp, it will be one and something I'm really into. I love goth cuture, but I didn't know as much as thought I did.
Thank you Akasha, Phoebe, and Tobz for helping me and letting enjoy this wonderful comp! It was a honor competing with everyone in that comp. Good luck PK and JK! :-D

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No more post for today! *This post was updated for Mare and my own amusement!*

Well I'm pretty drain now. LE apologies for all this as all wanted was to support you. I know I don't have apologize, but I will. I'm going keep to the friends I do have, so don't worry about me being in your chat boxes or anything folks. Good riddance to anyone who wants nothing to do with me now. I'm better off without you I guess. :-/ Oh well. What's done is done.

I'm going have nightmares looking at that gif! 0_0
Anyway boohoo all cool kids don't like me no more. Jktee have fun with the cool kids. I think I'm going curl up in a ball and cry, NOT! Instead I'll be sitting here being my so called immature self, flipping the bird and posting this
LOLcats Pictures, Images and Photos
Oh noes, she refer to us as kids again! Bad Vidkid! Bad!

Note: Any rude comments under this post will be deleted.

Duck and cover!

Warning: Bad words and feelings will be hurt!

I am beyond piss and it's time to clean house! I was going to ignore a certain attention seeker, but Rayy her little buddy got her, herself, and whole crew in trouble!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Oh, LE you deserve better than this!

I just read Mare and I am very shocked by some of the behavior towards her! I haven't got to talk to Em much lately, so I didn't know full details of it. All have to say is children grow up. If the internet making you that much of ass, then please cut the computer off and go do something else. Chama123, you should be ashamed of yourself! Your age has nothing to do with you having common sense. Treat others as you would want to be treated. Sound familiar? Also Em, is not your babysitter and I am sure she doesn't have time for your bullshit!

Good for you Em, banning them! Bravo! Some of you kiddies need a hobby! I was thinking about taking off today with blogging due to how tired I feel at the moment, but after reading Mare I couldn't. I just want everyone to know if you are trying to make trouble for Em, don't be surprise when I tear you a new one myself! I will flame you, you say? No, I will burn you to a crisp and enjoy doing it! Grow up and stop bothering people who don't deserve it you pricks! FFS!

P.S. My patience wearing thin for such people!
Also if some people would actually read my post, they might learn something.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

5 points I must share with you about recent events!

**Warning: Not so nice words in the post below**

1. What is with the anon nonsense on the ep and sp forums?
- 3 or 4 was bashing Lady Em, 2 was about the Mare, one was bashing of all people poor Couriervaughan. Now we have some idiots posting porn/dirty pics on the forums full of kids. FFS!
I think the same people who bashed LE and Mare are the same and did it for a reason. Too bad for them neither one gives a shit and didn't let the bullying get to them. The one bashing Couriervaughan, I'm not sure. The disgusting anon perverts, I'm sure they were different people. It needs to stop. EA should disable the anons on the ep/sp forums NOW!

2. Why the sudden interest in TMN, so much so threads are being made about them now?
Haven't we learn that Mare threads cause flame wars and get deleted. Asking silly question just to start a flame war or trying get Mare attention is not cute or funny! If you start one, I have NO sympathy for you when you get banned.

3. Everyone who hates them and goes on the forum to whine about it, needs to shut up! The forum is not place to whine about it! Also some of you children need reading class over again or need to read more. It's British humor, but FFS it's not that hard to get! Stop looking for attention. You have parents for that!

4. I just don't read Mare. I often read both sides of the story if possible and if I think you did some stupid things you will know.

And finally...
5. Don't lie and say you don't read Mare that much and your dumb ass is ranting about them every chance you get!
 -A toad on the forum today said the Mare sim page was a fan page. I told him Mare's page is hidden and it is not a fan page as they don't accept friend request and their page is hidden. This dumbass said "oh well I don't follow Mare like you do, so I wouldn't know." Mighty funny your dumb ass is over at Firestar blog bitching about them regularly. You sure knew when they said you were trolling Sim Sanctuary claiming it wasn't you. Your ass is probably reading it now, so please crawl back into your hole or Fire's c-box and shut the fuck up you idiot! Fan page! Ha!

Ok, now I'm done. Carry on with your day!

I'm done! My 2nd blog: VK20's Sim Modeling

So no more Vanity comp spam here. I will post results from comp I'm in, but my own comps will be on this blog. Check it out! Didn't take long either. ^_^  Also I put my new blog under my own list for now, because I need a banner. I'm brainstorming on how the banner should look. Also the template look will change depending on the current comp I have going on. Vanity's Cycle 1 theme is white, so the blog is pretty much all white for now. xD

I'm going make another blog for my comp(s)!

Once I'm done building a set for gothique, I'm going be setting up a blog for Vanity and other comps I make in the future. I will still post the results of the comp I'm in here, like gothique, but soon all Vanity stuff will be moving to my new blog!  Gothique is about to end sadly and Kawaii looks like it won't continue due our host having computer problems. She is amazing host and it's just one of those things.

Anyway I'm going to join some other comps as you know I get bored easily with nothing to do. Whatever results I get from them will stay here, but my comp stuff will go to the new blog. I will also post the winners of each round with pictures there and the assignments. I might also post pictures that didn't make number 1, but were so good they deserved to be shown. This way my lurkers can have easier way to lurk if  they are too lazy to look through the threads and find them.

Oh and further more, I'm still thinking about moving the comp off ts3 forum to Cstyles, but I don't want any dropouts because of the move. I have to think on it and get my contestants opinions. When we reach final 10 I think might make the move, but still not sure.

P.S. I get play with templates again! Yays! Also Micky101037, please choose another month! 

Update: Made it, since I'm not going start my comp pic till I get some food. Waiting on food now. xD Link after I design it!

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Vanity: The 3rd Assignment!

Are you Vanity’s next calendar girl? Vanity’s annual calendar needs 12 models and I have decided to pick you 12 to take up this challenge. This year’s calendar will be devoted to the fresh faces of modeling world and will be seen by millions. Can you handle it? Pick the month that your model can best represent and means most to you. You may use holidays, seasons, anything that represents that month to you. Also not everyone has same holidays and you are very much allowed to use any holiday you want. Seasons, holidays, or just the feeling. Be creative and give a explanation to why you chose the month you chose. If you fail to represent your month with a good picture, you may see you days are numbered or in this case eliminated.

Fast Lane has gas in Norwegian!

No offense Norwegians, but.....

*Snickers loudly*
Whistling Pictures, Images and Photos
I couldn't resist!

Note to Norwegians fart means something totally different in English. Hehe.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


*backs away slowly*
Thank you Pancakelicious.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Bawhahahaha! Look what I found on photobucket!

EA Fail Pictures, Images and Photos
Absolutely amazing! Ahahaha! Sorry, had to post it!

Family! Can't live with them, can't live without them! Real life stuff!

I have two family members who are driving me insane! One that talks too much and one that has bad attitude. The one that talks way too much is always talking my ear off about things I could give a crap about and complaining about everything. Loves to visit around when I'm on the computer too. Complaining about things he should be grateful to have. Standing around doing nothing and being nosy. Just finished reading what was on my phone a min ago! Just makes me sick! Then the one with the bad attitude acts like a-hole sometimes and thinks he should be treated like a prince. Borrowing stuff without asking, doing things when he feels like it! I swear they are most annoying people I ever met and have deal with them everyday! I really get into with one to the point we are screaming at each other, the annoying nosy one that is. I'm not type person to get into conflict. I'm very quiet and reserved most of the time, but they are two people who know how push every button! I know I'm not perfect either, but even my father is annoyed by them sometimes. If I could I would drive them somewhere and leave them, or I wish I could trade them in for someone else or some money. I know that sounds harsh, but hang with them a few days and your your see what I mean. :-P

Thursday, August 19, 2010

My new smaller siggie *crys*

Happy now EA and smaller siggie supporters?! *stomps off*

P.S. Just in case you missed the siggie I had before making it smaller:

My siggie! FFS can I have that at least!

*Warning: It's late at night and EA sucks! Bad words and angry rant!*
Not only is my siggie cut off on IE now, but on google crome as well! On all the browers it seems. A new size limit.
FFS, I would like smack the person who made that decision. Morons! I get cutting off the outrageously big sigs, but why mine?! Wasn't even that big! Bitches!
Anyway I wasn't the only victim of course!
I love your siggie Darkling! They were so many good sigs ruin today!

EA sucks hairy balls! They can't give us pm, the site is still shitty with the while screen shit, but no that's not important! Lets cuts off siggies and add a link to facebook! Let's be money hungry and fucking lazy! It's too much work to make the forum faster, to make it capable to handle siggies of a decent size! That is no way a decent size! Worthless idiots! I swear if I wasn't already perma banned and had a comp on the sucky site, I would have went off tonight there! I can't even get to my page!

Also not to be mean, but most (not all) of the people who are cool with this are same people with not much of a siggie in the first place. *rolls eyes* Well my problem now is picking between my old favorite and my blog sig, which Cece made. She was very happy to see it the other day, which is another reason why I'm pissed. Ugh, I have no idea what to do. *sigh* Rant over!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Site maintenance my arse! *updated*

As seen on MummyGaga's blog.

*said in a sarcastic dumb sounding tone* Wow gosh EA we really needed that!

Facepalm Pictures, Images and Photos

The siggie thing will be separate post and rant coming!

My Gothique Assignment 5 Results!

Anxiety Disorder

Pitch black the night became
the rain hitting the window panes.
Foot steps, creatures in the grass.
Who’s out there I ask?

Nothing. The rain falls, the lightning
illuminates the walls. Who will unleash
me from this tomb, who out there is ready
to bear my impeding doom.

I wait for death himself with a cross
in hand. I wait for the weight world to crush
me to sand. As I lie here waiting for
escape, my fears keep me awake.

The lock clicks, I back away as the time
ticks twelve. Who is here to release from
my hell I ask as a figure appears. No, I
scream as the demon leers.

The demon cries, as I. The demon
screams as I scream. The mirror of my
lies, entrapped in mind. Only I hold the
key you see, the demon is me.

Hydra, Poptart, and...TaterTot?

Simguru...Tatertot? Ok, Poptarts and Tatertots. Mmmm....How the hell do they come up with these names?! I soooo can't take him serious. LOL :-P

I'm a slightly annoyed comp host no more! *update*

Thank you, Pixpumira. :-D I was just worry you were dropping out without telling me. Didn't expect your entry so soon. Sorry for being a bit cranky.

P.S. Deadline is Saturday! Grr, I have no comp pics so I'm bored and impatient! I can wait though.

Edit: Don't freak out. I just edit this post and moved to the top. Why? Because I can!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Needs more lolcat!

SaverJo Pictures, Images and Photos

My reply to TMN's Synchonicity!

What has been seen... Pictures, Images and Photos
what has been seen lolcat Pictures, Images and Photos

"But perhaps the strangest thing of the lot – the EA thread managed to go a whole ten pages without anyone mentioning duct tape, which has to be a new Prize Machine forum game world record."
Muhaha..*coughs cough*...muhahahaha! :-P

Monday, August 16, 2010

Thinking of Vanity Cycle 2 already! The male edition!

I really want do male model competition and thinking making next cycle all men. Well I know I'm making it all males next cycle. It's a must at less you guys think different. ;-) Since we only ended up with 14 entries this cycle, might just ask for that many.

So do you want another cycle for the females? Or the next cycle to be for the males this time? Or should I make a compeletly different comp for the guys?

Hehe, haven't even made it through this one and thinking of Cycle 2!  >_<

P.S. Not much going on so deal with my comp spam!!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Oh how the times have changed!

I posted a old favorite of mines on the forum just now and they thought I was losing it. Seriously, how can you forget that game?! OMG! So sad it's been that long they had a fun old game like that and so many newbies are on the forum now. Well brunettesimgirl and xWednesdayx got it. Might not last long, but I looking at Mare made me miss the old times.  :-(

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dante feels loved! Thank you MS3B!

My latest simmy guy is on MS3B! I made it a third time!!! I feel all giddy!

Thank you MS3B, Joe, everyone! <3 For a minute I thought gave up on me. Well it did take me a minute to get inspiration. Figures the one day I'm not looking for CC, I miss my simmy on MS3B! Ha! :-D

Well I hope you give my female sim coming up some love too. If the anons say something about the skin I'm using again, I might have to change it up, but oh well.

What is with the marriage trend on the forums?

At first it was kinda funny and slightly cute, but now it's annoying! That is the newest thread, which was deleted. The original is over at modeling section...
Now I'm force to see the title in modeling. Seriously, it's annoying and tired of looking at it. The forum has went to this as fun. lol Well let them have fun. Not much else to do there.*sigh*

Also why the hell is "someone" using my avi in the marry threads still after acting like a ass in my comp. I'm getting very annoyed and I'm trying to be nice. He has to know I'm pissed at him or he would be over here saying "come look at the pictures I took of our sims!" He should be taking that time to apologize for his rude comments as my guest judge. Funny how he hasn't posted on Vanity since! It's nothing more annoying than someone who acts like a ass and doesn't own up to it. Ugh!

Friday, August 13, 2010

I really hope I get my 500 points!

I would like use those points for my comp and if I do get them I will be gifting two or three people who got eliminated from my comp, to compete in a second chance round. The winner gets compete one last time for the cycle. I would also like to gift winners of certain round prizes!

Gawd! I really like to give someone a second chance as Vanity goes on, so eliminated people should lurk. Might get lucky. ^_^

P.S. If I get them I will also be gifting some folks that deserve it. <3

Vanity: The 2nd assignment despite a few kinks!

Well you made it pass your first elimination, now it’s time to see you in a real photo shoot setting. The fashion world can eat you alive, it can be jungle out there! My 2nd assignment is for you to create a wilderness scene with your model in the center of it all! Is she a hunter? A restless native? Or some lost hiker? Rather it is a jungle, a forest, or some type dessert wasteland make your sure your set compliments you model. Use prop, makeup, anything to make your model look gorgeous and your pictures tell a story. Failure to impress us judges, may result you being endanger or in this case eliminated!

I'm going to revamp the whole scoring system, because we had a few kinks with it and I hate math! It way too much math involved! Well I apologized, because that was my fault. I'm new at this. *sigh*

It's down to 12 now (was 14) and no guest judge this time. My last guest judge was very rude and pretty pissed off about it. He will never judge again! He seem to have no clue to what he was doing, didn't give much advice, and had comment about a contestant picture that was incredibly rude. I was already having problems with scoring, then I had to apologise for his dumbness! Agh!

Well my contestants are being very upstanding, so I'm going work really hard to make scoring better. Also my next guest judge will have some knowledge or least some maturity to give constrictive criticism!

Assignment 2:

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dante-New male sim!

*Aikea Guinea skin
*Oh my eyes at MTS
-Hair from TS3 store
-Earrings from Lemon Leaf

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sorry dudes!

Things got a little busy and well it was nothing going on anyway. I did take peek at the forum and such. I'm thinking of a sim to make and don't be surprise if it's a guy. Anyway, if I get my gothique pic done I will have a lot more off my plate, so I'm going to put my attention on that. Still try post some stuff, but I almost got it. Once I'm finished I will have more time to put attention on other things. Yes, I did make my own comp when I knew I was in 2 others along with this blog, but I know what I'm doing. Don't worry! :-D

Monday, August 9, 2010

Upcoming updates

Someone pointed out that I haven't been making any non-celeb sims. Yes, I have notice that and I've been bothered by it to be honest. I'm working on uploading more sims and shirts. I just need some inspiration, some ideas. I guess you can say CAS block or something. xD I do want make something for Ms3b and want it to be good. I rather wait a long time, then give crap I just thought up out of the blue. Just wanted to inform you on the lack of simming making. Be back uploading non-celeb sims soon. Carry on with your day!

Guest judge needed!

We need one for Assignment 1 and haven't seen Smoz around, so who is up for it. Must actually be around and lurker of the comp.
We have a guest judge now for Assignment 1, but if you want to be one in future assignments, please comment.

Vanity Cycle 1: The first Assignment!

While you were celebrating making the list, I took all your bags. Strip you of all of your designer clothes and left you with nothing, but a pair of your good jeans and a white tee. If your what you say you are, then you can model about anything. Make me want the outfit, make me think it is the newest trend, the hottest fashion. Use accessories, to stand out amoung your competitors and enhance this simple outfit more. Use setting, extras, and poses. Sell yourself as a model. Anyone who fails to impress us, may be eliminted! Be creative and good luck!

-Only little editing is allowed.
No putting your sims on backgrounds, no pasting of objects in pics. You may change the color and such as making it black or white, etc. You may also edit constrast and brightness, but use what you have in game. Will allow little minor fixes, but thats it!
-lettering is allowed for this assignment if you wish to make a ad type pic
- No copying
- CC is allowed
- Extras are allowed, but model must be the focus of the pic
- Keep to the assignmet.
-Be polite and have fun!
Anyone breaking these rules will be eliminated!!!

Scoring(for this assignment:
Model/fashion (pose, facial expression, accessories, hair, make up, etc.): _/50
Creativity: _/30
Overall(the picture as a whole, etc): _/100

Vidkid (Me)
Guest judge

Addition info:
<----Must be this tee

Its a base game object and it doesn't come in white. Recolor it white. May be off white, as long its white.
You may use/change makeup and change hair(style and color).  
Pick any jean you want, but must be plain blue jeans. No designs!

Judges I changed the scoring a litte so please take note!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Vanity starts tomorrow dudes!

We have come to decision to who will be eliminated tomorrow. Since MarblestheMoose hasn't checked in, we are eliminating 2 and going on without her sadly. My other reserved turned her entry in. Yays! Marbles still has time. I'll give her today and somewhat tomorrow. If I see no entry or any indication she still wants to be in it by time I get online, we start without her. Everyone wants to start so we will start.

Anyway someone got all 3 of our votes to be eliminated, while another only got a definite 2.

See who gets eliminated and check the out first Assignment my lurkers! Lurkers are also welcome to post on any of the threads, so hope to see you there. Very excited! :-D

P.S. Thanks for bumping the thread. It really helped. ;-)

My Gothiquie Assignment 4 Results!

We had to do one of the seven deadly sins and I got sloth. Had to do a poem and picture. Most of our assignment will be poems now. I love my new poem! Anyway I had no idea what to do for Sloth, because it's to be inactive and she wanted us to think outside the box. I didn't want him laying down, so I went with sitting and made the setting tell my story as well.

Oh how the time went by as I look at the clock
on the wall. Counting the hours, the years you
let slip away.

For years, and years we ran away
from the darkness together hand in hand. I never left
you, but the darkness snatch you from me.

It killed your drive, the very essence of you.
Made you a sinner, made you the opposite of
what you were.

Who are you now, but a broken down doll
collecting dust on a shelf? You were infamous, you
were a god. What happen?

All you do is sit here like some horrible
nightmare. Sitting in the shadows, letting the
gloom become you.

Well someone else has caught my eye, but you
fail make the effort to stop it. You fail to get
up, to see me go. Goodbye my love. I can wait
no longer.

Walk through the cobwebs, step out into the
world. I holds hands with the boy that took your
place. I see you move, but it’s too late my love.
Life went on without you.

10/10 - Sin Representation
10/10 - Creativity
9.5/10 - Picture
9.5/10 - Overall
I know how hard it must have been to represent sloth, but you did an amazing job! I love the use of clocks and cobwebs to show how long he's been sitting there...Shane looks so evil, like he's plotting something... The only thing that really bugs me, and I know this is knit-picky, but his shirt...I dunno, just no... Bravo!

9.5/10 - Sin Representation
8.5/10 - Creativity
9/10 - Picture
9/10 - Overall: Great poem and the picture looks great! His pose/facial expression just seems..simple. But I know it's sloth, so there isn't much to work with pose wise. Good job though.
Total: 75/80

I really love my picture. I was really please with it. The poem I had trouble with, but not too bad I guess. I got 3rd this round and isn't many people left. We had a lot drop outs. :-( Still proud to get 3rd and still be in it. Thought I would be eliminated by now. :-D

By the way, the shirt comment made lol. I was planning to make him like look a doll like in my poem, but changed my mind. I liked the shirt still and really wanted to use it, so I kept it. Bad idea I guess. lol I really do like that shirt. xD Oh well.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Oh what a boob!

So EA, who came with the whole idea of sliders, CAS, etc stole from Delphy, who made a few hacker sliders. Yea, ok. We petitioned and brought up sliders many times, I think they would have got it without Delphy's one of many breast sliders.  Anyway...
That avi is just full of win!

But the real lesson here....
Laughing Smiley Pictures, Images and Photos

Siggie of the day!

Poor Liam. Can't get a break!
laughing Pictures, Images and Photos

Comment of the day!

Micky summed up every pointless post, flamming thread, etc. ever made in one sentence!
Laughing Smiley Pictures, Images and Photos
So true, so true indeed.

Vanity is about to start! Sqeee!!!

YeviDrew and MarblesTheMoose if you do not turn in a entry soon, you will be consider a no show/ dropout! All I want is a head shot and body shot so it shouldn't be so hard, you know? I will give you till Monday (might even wait till Tuesday), but the show must go on and I'm sure my other contestants don't want wait around too long. I would like to keep the comp at a good pace.
If they fail to show up, only one will be cut from the list.

No guest judges for the sign up/ audition cut. Not till it actually start with assignments. Smoz, who asked to be the first guest judge, be ready to judge the first assingment. When everything turned in I will have you post your scroes on the thread itself, since the guest judge will not be the same person for every assignment. Be too many emails. xD Then I will post the rest of the scroes (mines, lolazee, notshortfunsize). Is that clear? Ok, my daily comp spam for the day. :-D

Friday, August 6, 2010

I'm excited and yes I'm prepared! More comp spam! :-D

Sorry for spamming this blog with my Vanity comp stuff, but all I need is one more model and my reserved folks to turn in entries, so you may see a couple more spam-tastic post from me. Deal with it!!! Well most of you are probably surprise, curious, and probably wondering if I'm in over my head with this. Well, I'm not! :-) I have thought out all my assignments and already making my picks for the 3 who will be cut after sign ups. The whole thing is going be based on my knowledge how real modeling competitions go. Mostly based on American Top Model, Make me a supermodel, etc. I watched almost all of them. xD So don't worry. This has been planned for awhile now. I will also be judging of course. I will be fair and helpful in my comments. I will try not to be too bad, but as the competition goes on it will get harder.

P.S. Judges please be watching as the entries come in, as each of you will be picking 3 to be up for elimination. I will pick my 3 as well. Then I will choose who will be cut, out these names. No scores this time, just why they were cut. Please email me for more info as to what you should specifically base your judging on.

Vanity Modeling sign ups:
Also please give my thread a bump. Trying to not get banned for bumping too much. :-/

Update: All the spots are filled! Reserved people please turn your entries in soon.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

*Updated* 1 spot left! Sign up to be a Vanity model!

P.S. People reserved turn in your entries soon!!!!!

The Late Night logo in case you missed it!

Meh. I think it's too flat looking. Doesn't pop. It should be purple or blue lettering, instead of redish pink lettering. Seems like it was a rush job or them just being lazy to me. :-/

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Vanity modeling!!!! Sign up now!!!

Still need models!!!

For some crazy reason I want to start my own modeling comp!

I'm big fan of America Top Model and Project Runway, so I always thought it would be fun to start my own modeling comp. I'm competing in two comps already though and I might be asking for too much. I would totally be embarrassed if it failed. I want do a America top model type first with little editing to make things challenging and good amount of people. Start off with all female models and see if I can make a successful comp. I've been seriously thinking about it for awhile. I might do it on the main site and see how it goes first. 2 judges including myself. A guest judge every once in awhile.
Good idea? Bad idea?

Update: I need a name dudes!!!! D:
NVM!!! :-D

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sims gets all medieval on us!

Separate game like Sims 2 Castaway, but I don't see this being popular. It's RPG style and I don't see playing as a dirty peasant or bar wench too much fun. :-/ Well I'm sure someone will buy it.

Jarvis Cocker- A celeb sim request!

-Blue book hair
*Akiea Guinea skin
*Oh my eyes at MTS
*Kitty Klan facial hair
Tobz the other hair I used is blue book also. Just thought this one look better. Enjoy!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Evangeline Lilly- A celeb sim request!

-Newsea hair
*Oh my eyes from MTS
*Akiea Guinea skin

You might want change her clothes. Didn't want to use alot CC. Sometimes causes problem. Tell me how it works out and enjoy! :)
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