Thursday, August 26, 2010

No more post for today! *This post was updated for Mare and my own amusement!*

Well I'm pretty drain now. LE apologies for all this as all wanted was to support you. I know I don't have apologize, but I will. I'm going keep to the friends I do have, so don't worry about me being in your chat boxes or anything folks. Good riddance to anyone who wants nothing to do with me now. I'm better off without you I guess. :-/ Oh well. What's done is done.

I'm going have nightmares looking at that gif! 0_0
Anyway boohoo all cool kids don't like me no more. Jktee have fun with the cool kids. I think I'm going curl up in a ball and cry, NOT! Instead I'll be sitting here being my so called immature self, flipping the bird and posting this
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Oh noes, she refer to us as kids again! Bad Vidkid! Bad!

Note: Any rude comments under this post will be deleted.


  1. Good riddance to bad rubbish. You'll be fine! ^_^

  2. Agreed. It's not you who should apologize anyway. You're just being a good friend.

    I appreciate your support. It means a lot cuz it comes from a good place.

    But for now, Happy Thoughts, cuz it's my Birthday TOMORROW! Woot Woot! Partying it like I'm 29, lol.

  3. omg... tomorrow is MY birthday too.. what a fuckin coinkydink, eh? lol!

    and yeah dont worry about those so called 'friends'. if they take off and run their mouths over every little thing, they cant be very good friends

  4. I miss all the drama nowdays, gives me kinda a warm fuzzy feeling :D

    I read all the posts and comments, and I kinda feel disappointed in Evergreen. I know when I call people kiddies, it refers to how they are acting, like little kids having a tantrum because someone doesn't like them, or they aren't getting their way. It's not a jab at everyone under the age of 16 or anything, and I'm sure LE and others who use the term aren't narrow minded enough that they think age dictates how you are going to act.

    However age isn't an excuse for being shitty. Hormones don't turn people into total A holes, I'm sorry that's just not true, neither does high school troubles or any of the other insignificant shit (and they will find it to be fuck all compared to the shit later on in life) you go through in your teens. You're either a tool or your not that's just the way it is.

    I <3 AE's posts, no one in their right mind could argue with that logic

  5. I <3 you too PK.

    Vid, as far as MummyLoco goes, he isn't even worth the =\ faces you make. He booted you off his silly little big brother stuff like your simself somehow offended the big brother house on the game.

    Betcha I could make a Big Brother twice as good as his, and I think you'd dominate! =P

  6. Ha, that smiley in my c-box is rolling eye smiley. ;-) If I wasn't lazy and already busy I would totally do my own big brother out of spite. He sure booted me real quick. Little prick!

  7. Wow! :O I just read the Mare... man, some serious stuff went down on here yesterday. o__o"

    Oh, and Vidkid, how's your comp going? :D Let me know when Cycle 2 starts, I'll join. ^_^

  8. My comp is going great and will surely let u kno about Cycle 2. Going be male models next cycle. :-)


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