Sunday, August 15, 2010

Oh how the times have changed!

I posted a old favorite of mines on the forum just now and they thought I was losing it. Seriously, how can you forget that game?! OMG! So sad it's been that long they had a fun old game like that and so many newbies are on the forum now. Well brunettesimgirl and xWednesdayx got it. Might not last long, but I looking at Mare made me miss the old times.  :-(


  1. I'm sure some of the old members will come back when Late Night is released.... let's hope so anyway. =(

    'Tis a sad sad time right now.

  2. well Lufferkinz lost her internet, and basically off the forums for a while!

    lisaboo is leaving due to she is having a stressful time at school!

    rubytheconfuzzald almost left due to the fact that she is a big time nerdy school involving lots of studying, and homework!

    some of these simmer actually didn't leave due to the banhammer!

  3. Oh,I remember that game.
    I never played but I used to read them and they never failed to make me laugh.
    Isn't that the game where all the Duct Tape nonsense came from?
    I miss those days.


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