Friday, August 6, 2010

I'm excited and yes I'm prepared! More comp spam! :-D

Sorry for spamming this blog with my Vanity comp stuff, but all I need is one more model and my reserved folks to turn in entries, so you may see a couple more spam-tastic post from me. Deal with it!!! Well most of you are probably surprise, curious, and probably wondering if I'm in over my head with this. Well, I'm not! :-) I have thought out all my assignments and already making my picks for the 3 who will be cut after sign ups. The whole thing is going be based on my knowledge how real modeling competitions go. Mostly based on American Top Model, Make me a supermodel, etc. I watched almost all of them. xD So don't worry. This has been planned for awhile now. I will also be judging of course. I will be fair and helpful in my comments. I will try not to be too bad, but as the competition goes on it will get harder.

P.S. Judges please be watching as the entries come in, as each of you will be picking 3 to be up for elimination. I will pick my 3 as well. Then I will choose who will be cut, out these names. No scores this time, just why they were cut. Please email me for more info as to what you should specifically base your judging on.

Vanity Modeling sign ups:
Also please give my thread a bump. Trying to not get banned for bumping too much. :-/

Update: All the spots are filled! Reserved people please turn your entries in soon.


  1. Hey, would tell you that there have been any changes now, instead of that I have the banner (for some of you) so I have instead chosen to link (the links) I became very klusj entries in the old way. So more orderly should be.

    BUT, I will give you another message.
    I have not been with me their most recent news on the web site, their is quite a lot to keep track of for me. I hope if you would send me URLs or things with pictures and text and their link below. from their latest updates of things and so on to The Sims 3 by mail. And what you want me to put the post on my blog, yes of course I will not take credit for their work! Will readers to download things so they do it on their site. So you BECOME linked in the post that their work is in:)

    NOTE emails please their time as "Update sims" for otherwise I can only believe that it is advertising or spam mails. So I delete it without opening it.


    greeting. Jeanette

    (Some of you are safe this message 2 times but, it is usually because it is not all of you I have saved your mail)

  2. I got your message and will do. :-)


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