Saturday, August 28, 2010

Preview: Interview With A Vampire T-shirts (female)




Number 2 with the both of them didn't turn out like I wanted. The picture is fuzzy! The 1st one I really like. The 3rd one I do and don't. Well what do think? Upload which and any suggestions?


  1. I love Lestat . .he's the best vamp eva. I named my Vampire Teddy Bear Lestat.

    The shirts look awesome, and I see what ya mean about the second one. I think 1 and 3 are awesome.

    I could never make CC anyway, so seeing someone who can is awesome.

  2. >.> My internet failed on me and erased my comment before I could post it.

    Anyway, I can help you make recolorable stencils one day if you'd like, and right now I'm making this super cute top and trying to get a custom thumbnail to work for it, but the thumbnails are leaving a giant hole where the shirt should be on my Sim. Yeah. So, I'll show you later what I mean.

  3. oo they look great!!! <3Lestat

  4. aw thanks guys! Goin upload them later and maybe fix the second one.
    Abby I would love that! :-D


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