Monday, August 2, 2010

AE and Tobz! Come on down to the...nvm. Need you for a sec!

Jarvis Cocker
I need you tell me what hair and what color? If you think something needs to change with his face, just tell me. :-)

Evangeline Lilly
What CC should I use AE and need any changes?

I will upload if you approve. Just comment! :-D


  1. Well I have the second hair, and I think that fits her nicely. I think you did an excellent job with her! I dunno what skins you have...but I think I have the Naughty from LFB? I think she's gorgeous =)

  2. Oh good. Get her uploaded in a min. :-D
    I use Aikea guinea but hopefully she turns out alrite with the ones u use.

  3. We'll see how it turns out, but I'm sure it'll be fine ^_^

  4. Oh oh oh second hair but black and smaller eyes hey, saweet my own jarvi to muck about with, rubs hands together mwahahahahahah.

  5. ^ok. goin to work on it now. :-D


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