Saturday, December 30, 2017

New Year. New Dead on Arrival!

Chapter 22: Unspeakable“What they’re doing here is….unspeakable.” -Lin Wu 

Chapter 23: The Undeserving“You’ll be doing me a favor and I don’t even deserve that.” -????
Coming early 2018!

Thursday, December 28, 2017

So Merry Belated Xmas? (Unplanned update on me as well)

Furry dog elf anyone? 

I hope everyone had a terrific X-mas. I was not feeling like myself, so I just hung out and tried to enjoy the two games I did get. I only asked for two games from my fam since the computer was a gift too. They would have liked me to ask for more, but I just thought that would be asking for too much after what they did. I'm fine with my two games and my computer.

As for my two games, I got LA Noir and Gran Turismo. I haven't really played Gran Turismo much, but LA Noir is pretty fun. Getting the hang of it. Makes me miss Grand Theft Auto though. I so want to cause mayhem when I'm driving and running around in that game. I probably can do that...I think, but I'm a cop so I have to behave. lol

As for not feeling like myself. Just my stupid health issues. PMDD sh*t. Like I said I don't like talking about lady stuff here, but I recommend you read about it (the link especially) if you're a woman. It's not discussed enough imo. It's almost a freaking mental illness, so it needs to be.

I may be getting worse tbh. I cried for three days right before X-mas Eve. My face was literally hurting from crying and it was over stupid stuff. I can't even remember. Like it was one thing and then it morphed into another thing, which still made no sense. It was kind of scary. Had some scary thoughts too.

Soooo I probably need to get checked out again and have them give me something stronger. Something I've been trying to avoid for a year or two now. I don't like anti-depressants. I would rather not take them, but if they can keep me from screaming like a crazed banshee at my family and crying floods of tears over random crap I'll take it. The constant racing thoughts are also pretty horrible. Like I can't even sleep when I'm dealing with this now. I was wondering if this was holiday related though, but none of the crazy thoughts or stress was about that. I don't know, but a nice checkup after the New Years is always a good idea.

As for Roxie, she's fine. Struggling to get to her to lose weight. My family loves to feed her stuff, so it's like I have to train them too. It's also been really cold, so walks are limited now. Be glad when the summer is here. I need walks too. lol Other than that, she's going on 7 years old I believe. Still sweet and funny as ever. She's also a great therapy dog for me. 😊

*cough cough* I fed her cookies to get those pics, so I'm guilty too. *cough*

Other than that, I'm still kicking. I believe I got one more year in me sim wise. I kind of f'd up my game decrapping stuff, so I'm going have to fix that and redownload my store stuff legally. Ugh. I'll get to that when I finish updating Dead On Arrival since stuff may go missing then. I'm close to retiring from the Sims community though as much as I hate to admit it. Too many people are leaving. TS3 players specifically. Plus it just stressful to keep the game going sometimes. I just got my dream gaming computer, so I'm sure I'll play every so often. Just not as much. Hopefully, Sims 5 comes out next year and pulls me back in by that time. xD But for now you're stuck with me. Enjoy the essence of me while you can. 😏

Saturday, December 23, 2017

MANLY MAN MODELLING - CYCLE 7 ~ Round 7 & Scores

Note: This comp is over and I had to drop out due to my old computer killing over. Just posting what I didn't get to post. 

This actually was the last entry I posted before my computer died. 😢

4th Place with 92/100
Round 7: Furs~ Spurs

MANLY MAN MODELLING - CYCLE 7 ~ Round 6 & Scores

Note: This comp is over and I had to drop out due to my old computer killing over. Just posting what I didn't get to post.

5th Place with 90/100
Round 6: Feathers~ Leathers

MANLY MAN MODELLING - CYCLE 7 ~ Round 5 & Scores

Note: This comp is over and I had to drop out due to my old computer killing over. Just posting what I didn't get to post.

4th Place (Tied) with 86.5/100
Round 5- Make A Splash

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

I'm baacccck. Duh. *points to tumblr* But yeah hi...

My new beast. HP Omen!!!! Also bought a kickass keyboard to match. All an early X-mas present basically. I wanted a Dell, but I was convinced to buy this. Cost less than the Alienware I was looking at too. This baby spits sims out like it's nothing. My game has never been smoother or faster. It's freaking amazing! I'm in love. 😍

I haven't even finished installing all my stuff, but I'm sure it can handle anything if it can handle sims.

Installing Sims didn't go too smoothly, unfortunately. I had to decrap a lot of store stuff and avoid Origin like the plague with the last patch, but I think I finally got it working like I want. It was a pain! Days of pain! I hate to open the launcher again. It's so f'ing buggy uninstalling shit. Ugh. Didn't realize how many eps Sims 3 had either till I had to reinstall all of them. Aghhhhh! Never again!

I reinstalled Pets too again. I'm nervous about the glitches and lag it may cause, but I think this computer can handle it. I cut off the stay option in population control, so that might help.

I did have to drop out of the one competition I was in. I was sad, but I think I need a break from the modeling anyway. Focusing on my story and just playing the game has been something I wanted to do for a while now. I'll get back into it I'm sure, but for now, it's time to chill, write, and keep simming. 😊

I do have some modeling photos and scores I haven't posted here. They're on my flickr, so I'll just steal them from there and post scores for those. Then it's going be legacy pics and story chapters from there.

And yesss I'm back playing my legacy. Woooo! The Edgars Vampire Legacy. I miss that fam. I have some pics of them already ready to post.

Hopefully, everything plays nice and l et's me enjoy the awesomness of my pc. 😁 I'm looking at you launcher and store stuff. 😒
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