Monday, July 29, 2013

Simiverse Corp. Next Top Ad Designer: Cycle 1: FINALE SCORES

Vid! You have done an amazing job throughout this competition. You should feel very proud of yourself. This was a close call, only .5 made the difference. I was not originally going to give anything to the runner up, but because of how close it was, I have decided to present this siggy to you:
Yay! I came in 2nd again. I lost to the same person. LOL
Original picture here.

Simiverse Corp. Next Top Ad Designer: Cycle 1: A5 SCORES (Totally Forgot About This!)

I got 3rd.
Burger king ads are notorious for showing big juicy burgers that would make your mouth water, but is that the case? No. When you get your actual burger, it is no way near the size of the burger on the commercial. They might not even be even steaming hot or fresh, as employees are told just to throw them into microwave. So before you grab a bite at burger king or any fast food place, be warn that their commercials are just fantasies!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Back to Into the Future EP: My thoughts!

Hmm...looks like a rehash of Lunar Lakes. The stuff they were going include in that world, but then realize they could make some money off it. Probably a total waste of money and space. Yipeee!

SNTFM Cycle 2: Finale! Pics and my scores in video form!

Check out the video to see who won and to see William in action...

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Yeah another job related post...

Ok, so far I've been really busy and all over the place when it comes to working lately. I've gotten a little bit better at some aspects of it, but I feel like I have a lot to improve on and the stress still gets to me at times.

They finally got around to putting me at the door as a greeter. Greeting people is ok, but I have hard time speaking up sometimes and it can get REALLY boring. I do get to sit down, but it's so boring at times I feel like falling asleep. lol I also get a lot people wanting to talk to me. I don't mind too much, but it's a bit draining after awhile. Then I got hit on by some creepy old guy. He kept asking me if I wanted to "hang out" or "escape". I literally wanted to gag! I quickly ran off and took my break on that note, but it really made me feel unsafe. That is a big con for me. It is nice to get away from the ever unorganized toy aisle, but sitting around bored and having creeps hit on me isn't so great either.

Despite, the first day greeting at the door was pretty interesting. One huge guy shoplifted some water right in front of my face and well I thought he paid for it, but he didn't. I wasn't looking for that at all though, especially not on my first day at the door. Anyway, security didn't catch him and  I did feel a little responsible. Still he was a big guy and if I did asked for a receipt, he would of easily plucked me to the other side of the vestibule. lol They told me not sweat it though, because I didn't know and it was there fault for getting there late. Pfff even if I did know, I don't think I would asked for a receipt or try to keep him there. Anyway, shortly afterwards I finally got to see them apprehend someone and I had to be the female presence when they took her to the back. Yes all of this happen in one day! 0_o

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Back to just simming! Hanging up my simming camera for now!

I am officially done with modeling comps! All 3 of them! I didn't drop. I finished them. I might of could done better with more time, but I did my best considering the job and the amount of pictures I had to do between them.

I had finished the one I was hosting before becoming employed, but the 3 I actually was still competing in became a bit of a problem with the job. Then out of sheer luck, I made into the finales of all 3 of them! So I had multiple pictures to do for each. Movie Magic wanted 4, Simiverse wanted 3, and SNTFM wanted 2. That all together is 9 pictures! 9 pictures with only 2 days off a week and low energy. Ideas don't just come to me either. Then add in due dates in and it became downright hectic. A little stressful too.

Still I didn't wanted drop out or prolong things too much. Well... I did end up prolonging things for 2 of them, but it wasn't much I could do with little time and rest I got. I almost dropped. I even did one competition at 10:30 at night, because I was going be disqualified the next day.

Pfff trust me if I had knew I would be working, I wouldn't of enter so many comps. To do 9 pictures in between work and come up with unique ideas for all them, I think I did pretty well.

Soooo I'm taking another long break from the comp world, so I can focus on work, socializing (both rl and the sims world), blogging and actually playing the game. I'm actually quite annoyed that I haven't spent much time playing, because comps pics have got in the way. I got so many wonderful bday gifts too. I gotta put them to good use. When I do get scores for these comps though, I'll post them. I do have to work tomorrow, but hopefully not too late. IP is calling me! I also get paid tomorrow! My first paycheck! Woooo! :P

P.S. If I see a comp that looks too awesome to pass up and things are more relaxed with my schedule, I will consider entering one. One and only one will be my limit though.

Edit: "Relaxed" is not the word. Planned out better is what I should of said. :P

Monday, July 15, 2013

SNTFM Cycle 2: Phootshoot 5 & Scores

I got 1st! It was on my birthday too. lol

Friday, July 12, 2013

Guess what today is? It's my birthday! Where's the cake?

Well it's that time again! When I scream at you and act like it's an extremely important day you must know about! Well it is! Why?

It's my birthday! I'm 24 now. Get drunk, party and have a terrific day on me! I <3 you all!

You don't have to gift me and I don't expect you to gift me. I have everything I need anyway. Just warning you as always, don't gift any of my old accounts!

I will most likely be here. Staying in the house sounds kinda nice after 2 days of work and achiness. lol I do want a cake, so a cake better be in the fridge when I wake up. ;P

Thursday, July 11, 2013

The job and good ol anixety!

Well the job is going ok! I haven't greeted a single person at the door, but I've been assigned to the toy section to straighten up everything. While thought this would be an easy and fun task, it wasn't. Well at the beginning I felt good and I was having a bit of fun. Then I realize the aisles were a complete disaster! Not only I had to take everything that didn't belong away, I had put everything back in their correct spots. Then it was like the aisles hadn't been straighten out in months, so I had a mountain of stuff I had to sort in my cart! Aghhhhhhhhhhhh! Then couple with that, I had kids coming up asking me questions and putting stuff in the wrong places! It took forever to get done, but I had to leave some stuff to the night shift. Not much, but stuff I had no clue where it went and by the end of shift, my aching body was ready to go home.

Anyway, today was a little different. I did training exercises on the computer and got to sit down a bit more today. After my training stuff though, they sent me to help sort out returns and put them away. I put away towels, sheets and loaded 2 heavy cases of water on a shelf. I didn't realize how heavy it was till I picked it up out the cart. I'm surprise I didn't throw out my back and strain something doing that. I might feel it in the morning. o_0 Then after that, I got stuck with the clothes cart. Sorting and putting back clothes is awful! I couldn't find a thing to put back! After running around the clothing aisle for a good 20 mins, I quietly put the cart back and asked if they needed me back in the toy section. lol So I finished my shift there and got a little praise for the work I did there. She said she could tell I had been through straightening everything. I also helped 2 customers find stuff. Not bad for my 2nd day working there I guess. :)

Now here is my big issue! I believe I have finally pinpointed the source of my anxiety and my latest anxiety attack. Being around people for a lengthy period of time seems to cause me to feel panicky, nervous, worried, and a bit sick to my stomach. I don't mind helping people, but having conversations with co-workers and having the boss just near me makes me feel this way. Then it usually hits me the worse when I get home. I believe it is the same feeling I got at community college. I don't really know what to do about this, but I'm afraid it's going get in the way of my work or make me want to give up. Should I go to the doctor? I really felt like I was having panic attack today when I left. I still feel a little odd. I hope my day off tomorrow relieves me of these feelings for a bit at least. :(

P.S. I'm tired today, so excuse any typos. I also have to stand on my feet a lot. My back hurts. -_-

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I start work tomorrow...

Yeah she wants me tomorrow at 4 and she's going start training me this week.

She had been trying to get in touch with me on the house phone, but she couldn't get me for some reason and I didn't see anything on caller ID, so I just assumed she was just waiting for me to fill out stuff. Thankfully I answer the phone and she had me literally running out the house, because today was the only day I could get my orientation! She was about to give the position to someone else if I couldn't make it. So I did the fastest clothes dressing I've done in my life and got there in time! o_o

I haven't eaten all day, so I really don't feel like explaining my whole day. I'll just say it was a long long long day.


I'm officially an employee of a Kmart. I'll be working 3 days this week. Two days will be as an greeter/exit monitor. Then one special day will be in the toy aisle straighten things up.... and playing with the toys. Kidding. Kinding. My schedule will change, but this week I start training. I have my shirt and pants. I got a locker. I also got a shiny badge with my name on it. :P

 P.S. Thankfully I don't have to work on my birthday (Friday), but my Dad does. We'll work something out.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Time to sail off with Island Paradise Pic Spam!

Meet Sebastian! He's a Islander/Jamaican guy. I like to think he's Jamaican anyway. Isn't he all kinds of sexy? I like the new dreads better in CAS though. Why did they give the dreads such a noticeable part?! Ugh.
So I plop him down on a house boat and my first boat disappeared. I found him in the middle of the ocean stuck. D: Then I found out the error trap and overwatch mod needed to be updated. lol So we finally set off without issue after updating those 2 things....

Saturday, July 6, 2013

SNTFM Cycle 2: Phootshoot 4 & Scores

I got 2nd again despite not having a computer beforehand and having to do it all in one day! OMG! I don't know how I did it, but I did. I'm in the Final 3! I can't believe it! :D
And see my piccie is a lot wider than usual. It's clickable.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

SNTFM Cycle 2: Phootshoot 3 & Scores

I had this post saved before everything went wonky. So....
I got 2nd. I miss 1st by one point!

I'm baaaccckkk!!!!! Reparied and ready to sim it up! RAWR!

Ok. After finally getting around to checking out my computer fully, they found that the annoying funky noise I was hearing was the graphics card. Haha someone said that might be the problem. ;) Both the hard drive and power supply proved to be good though. They also got rid of some malware I had as well, which could of been causing some of my issues too.

Anywhooo they cleaned all yucky virus malware crap up, gave me a shiny new graphics card, and finally gave it back to me in time for July the 4th!

I'm convinced that the graphics card they put in this baby is loads better than the one I had. The fan attached to it is HUGE! Then when I loaded sims, it took up the whole screen! The whole ridiculously wide screen I brought! I was like MY EYES! MY EYES!!!!
My pics are now resized wide like this:
You'll definitely see the difference in my comp pics. It's going take me a min to get use to it. o_o

Soooo now that I've tested everything, I could try installing IP. I'm nervous, but my maybe the old computer can handle everything better now. Everything seems a lot faster than it was.
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