Friday, July 26, 2013

SNTFM Cycle 2: Finale! Pics and my scores in video form!

Check out the video to see who won and to see William in action...

Yep. I got 2nd. I'm not surprised or upset. I knew I would. I had to do these pictures in between working 8 hours that week. I actually did both of them the same night they were due around 11. I felt terrible turning in such rushed pictures. That's not like me at all. So I didn't expect or feel that I deserved 1st. I tried my hardest, but it just wasn't meant.

I also wasn't comfortable with the finale assignment. I actually hate doing runway pictures. You will never see a runway assignment from me in my comps, because I personally hate doing them. It's so much you can do with a runway. Even picking a pose for such a shot frustrates me. It's just not my thing. Then the magazine cover was also out of my comfort zone. With my pictures being much more wider, it's hard to make a straight up and down cover and I don't have much experience with making them. I also was extremely tired by time I got to typing out the captions. Time just wasn't on my side. Of all times for it not to be too.

If I had a chance to do this over, I would of completely redid the runway picture. I would of had set at night with lights, an actual runway, fountain streams, and a tiki theme. Dressing a guy for a swimsuit photo is challenging as it isn't many choices IMO, but I think I would of looked for headdress or some funky looking makeup to pull of the tiki voodoo island theme I had in my head. The picture I ended up with reminds me of Baywatch with the whistle accessory. It was cute desperate idea in my head at the time. Not bad, but kind of boring. I also hate the pose! xD

I also would of worked on the quality and look of my magazine cover. It is very close to the idea I had in my head, but I think I could of made it even better with time and rest. Different lighting, a slightly tweaked setting, and better font. Maybe better captions too.

While I didn't win, I'm happy for Chelle who won. I'm also happy to see Willam feature in a video. He looks so handsome and disappointed! lol I wanted to give him a hug even though he's just pixels. Poor thing. :(

Do check the video out! It's awesome! I'm definitely joining next cycle when it comes up. Acalvo did an amazing job!

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