Sunday, July 7, 2013

Time to sail off with Island Paradise Pic Spam!

Meet Sebastian! He's a Islander/Jamaican guy. I like to think he's Jamaican anyway. Isn't he all kinds of sexy? I like the new dreads better in CAS though. Why did they give the dreads such a noticeable part?! Ugh.
So I plop him down on a house boat and my first boat disappeared. I found him in the middle of the ocean stuck. D: Then I found out the error trap and overwatch mod needed to be updated. lol So we finally set off without issue after updating those 2 things....

 I finally docked him near a secluded island and had him snorkel. He found some shells to sell, so he could pay his bill. 

Oooo mysterious cloud in the distances!  I'm going have him check that out as soon as he can afford a speed boat. -_-

 He found  a shell....
 But he dropped his cell phone in the process. Did you know if your sim drops their phone, it will actually shows up with a crack screen in the panel at the bottom. I found that fascinating and realistic. Kinda of funny too. lol He's too poor to fix it, so like real life broke people he's still using it.
 Finally after snorkeling for awhile and moving his boat to a different port, he gained enough skill to scuba dive!
 Down we go!
*gasp* It's so freaking beautiful!!!!
 Mermaid!!!! This is when the inner child in me starting screaming "it's a mermaid" hysterically.
 Too bad it's a merman. Sebastian needs a merlady!
 Then I saw more scuba divers and had him chat with them.
 Then for some reason everyone needed to pee. Did a shark pass by?

 I love the bubble and fish animations. They did a good job with the underwater part of the world from what I see so far.

Into a mysterious cave! What could it be? A rabbit hole. Of course! He found another exist though, but he needs more scuba skills.
So back to the salty sea I go. I shall have more later. :P
P.S. Can you tell I have a new graphics card? I sure can! Why the heck did I wait so long to get a new one?! It's so clear, I feel like I'm in the sea with him. OMG! 0_o
Edit: Well my graphics were good before. I just have a bigger view of them now. :)


  1. Cool! I like that they can drop their phone and crack it, that's a nice detail.

    The underwater scenes are lovely. I'm really impressed with the way it looks and I can't wait to play it.

    When the scuba divers need to pee underwater, do they pee in the sea?

    1. When he dropped it and stomp his foot out of anger, I was surprised to see they could even drop their phones. Then seeing it cracked made it even more awesome and funny. I don't know if that came with IP or Uni, but I love little moments like that.

      When you do get IP, you're have loads of fun I'm sure. :) I've only checked out that one diving spot, so I barely touch the surface of scuba diving or game itself really.

      And when the scuba divers need to pee, they can go in the ocean and in their wetsuits if they have to. They even get a moodlet called "warm wetsuit". Ewwww I know. For some random reason though all the divers had to go at the same time. I still don't know why, but maybe a shark scared it out of them. xD

  2. Your game is looking so stunning!! 8D

    1. Hey Autumn! Thank you! It feels likes a brand new game with the new graphics card. I'm glad the old one fizzled out. xD


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