Thursday, July 4, 2013

SNTFM Cycle 2: Phootshoot 3 & Scores

I had this post saved before everything went wonky. So....
I got 2nd. I miss 1st by one point!

Photo Quality = 28.5/30
Model Appearance =29/30
Model Pose = 27.5/30
Creativity =28.5/30
Overall Photo = 28.5/30

Total: 142/150

Judges thoughts:

William looks great here. I really love his styling choice and background setting. I do wish his was bit stronger and he was facing the camera, but it seems to work with the overall photo. Great job!

Good job, like the colors and styling. pose looks high fashion.

This is amazing, I absolutely love it!

I do regret not having him face forward. I guess if I had, I could of got 1st. Oh well. The picture turned out better than I expected despite that issue. It's super shiny, colorful, and pretty. :)

I had too much fun turning dear William into an alien. I wanted him to still look sexy, but I wanted him to look really alien-like still as well. So I found some interesting makeup, turned him blue, and made his hair white. Then after trying a few options, I chose the Showtime acrobat uniform for a space suit and recolored it. Then I chose a random pose, because I couldn't decided how I wanted to pose him. >_<

As for the setting, I used random futuristic Showtime props and stuff I had left over from the last futuristic picture.

Unbelievably I'm still in this. I turned my picture in today last minute. Literally last min! lol The lovely host, Aclavo let me have 2 extra days. I thought for sure I would have my computer yesterday, so I wasn't planning to have to do this much of a last min picture. I guess I'm lucky considering the circumstances. Hopefully it doesn't land me in the bottom. -_-

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