Thursday, July 4, 2013

I'm baaaccckkk!!!!! Reparied and ready to sim it up! RAWR!

Ok. After finally getting around to checking out my computer fully, they found that the annoying funky noise I was hearing was the graphics card. Haha someone said that might be the problem. ;) Both the hard drive and power supply proved to be good though. They also got rid of some malware I had as well, which could of been causing some of my issues too.

Anywhooo they cleaned all yucky virus malware crap up, gave me a shiny new graphics card, and finally gave it back to me in time for July the 4th!

I'm convinced that the graphics card they put in this baby is loads better than the one I had. The fan attached to it is HUGE! Then when I loaded sims, it took up the whole screen! The whole ridiculously wide screen I brought! I was like MY EYES! MY EYES!!!!
My pics are now resized wide like this:
You'll definitely see the difference in my comp pics. It's going take me a min to get use to it. o_o

Soooo now that I've tested everything, I could try installing IP. I'm nervous, but my maybe the old computer can handle everything better now. Everything seems a lot faster than it was.

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